Stepping into your Personal Power

A challenge to stepping into your personal power, manifesting your destiny, your mission and purpose in this lifetime, is the tendency many people have to give away their power. To say yes when they mean no. Essentially, having no boundaries. Not only is this destructive in relationships, but it wastes vital life force and energy to manifest your own destiny. The lesson is to develop confidence and courage in your decisions and values instead of remaining in hiding and giving away your personal power.

Addictive behaviors are one way of coping and dealing with the overwhelm. It becomes easier to stay in the lower energetic frequencies of anger, bitterness and isolation, resulting in giving up of responsibility for one’s own life and becoming powerless, a victim. What’s a girl to do, but blame her parents, her boyfriend, her boss, the dog, anything but realizing the core, the strength is within, but not yet accessible.

Often, there is a nagging, instinctive voice, that won’t go away, no matter how you try to numb the sounds. This calling is telling you there is something else, even though it might seem impossible to even attempt.

In 1998, my family and I lost our home, our savings and all our material possessions. I was terrified. I lost my very successful chiropractic office after an injury forced me to give up practice in Berkeley California, leading to financial ruin.

Honestly, I was convinced that God had deserted my family, had left us for dead and buried, in desolation, the last train station on a route that never saw the train. I was suicidal, and daily, would beg for reprieve -- if only I could have a miracle and restore my life.

By 2013, I prayed for release from the planet. The visions I had about my life’s purpose of healing and inspiring people hadn’t come true, and I was still struggling financially, so much in fact, I begged God to take my life. I was sure my angels would understand that life was too hard, I had given it my best -- not my fault the stars didn’t align in my favor.

Thus, desperate, I begged for a miracle. I literally got down on my hands and knees and surrendered, crying that if I couldn’t manifest these visions, take my life.

Spirit has a strange way of waiting till you give up your way and align yourself with your purpose. At my darkest hour, as I begged for release from my miserable life, I literally heard an insistent voice loud in my head telling me to paint 33 angels in 30 days. To grab my paintbrush and begin... immediately... no time to waste, make haste, make haste.

The voices literally swooped me up into an ecstasy I had never known, and as I picked up the paintbrush I realized resistance was futile.

The sheer act of saying yes, of finally listening to a voice deep inside me,  changed me forever. I tried to figure out the reason to paint, and had no answer, but as I painted, I was filled with a sense of peace, of purpose. When the paintings were complete, and I put them on the wall of my new angel loft. I was shown the next step. A book about angels fell off the shelf, opened to a page where I read these words, ”your call for divine assistance has been heard.”

A feeling of peace descended upon me, as I realized I had been called, guided on this path of painting. The journey was leading me on a mission of healing and inspiring, and my job was to listen, to follow the guidance, to paint.

It was that simple. Once I relaxed, I was given the next series of instructions, gentle naggings “to paint us and we will come,” and encouraged to invite people into the angel loft to feel the presence of these angels.

I found the more I listened to the guidance, the clearer the instructions I received, and, the more confidence I felt. These gentle loving nagging pushes assisted me in becoming focused. The art reflected the messages I received, and each painting literally had its own voice.

They were meant to do the healing, they were meant to inspire, and I was the paintbrush, the messenger.

That was and is my purpose. But I wouldn’t have found it unless I was willing to surrender my own way, the rituals that were keeping me stuck in my own addictive patterns of sabotage. We all have them. Nevertheless, if you look beyond, or listen within, you will hear that inner voice, the one that wants you to see the larger picture, the understanding of why you are here and what you are to do.

This is the beginning of true healing, finding your purpose. It will become your guiding light, the strength and courage to sustain you when it seems like all is lost. 

It’s not lost my friends, it’s all there, waiting for you to take a breather, to realize there is nowhere else to go, that nothing, ever, will really keep you from finding out who you are and why you are here. When you uncover your gifts, and realize you were meant to be here now, your journey will unfold almost effortlessly, as if it were guided. You will understand the challenges and learn to transform them into fuel for your work.

And, most important, you will hear your heart sing.

Many blessings,

Dr Joan of Angels

About Joan Hangarter, D.C.:

Oracle, Empath, Intuitive, Healer, Visionary, Speaker, Mentor, Artist, Earth Messenger Channel, Chiropractor, Author

Joan of Angels, also known as Dr Joan Hangarter, D. C., is a spiritual teacher, soul artist, intuitive coach and author, who helps people remember who they are, overcome their challenges, and step into their destiny.  When you work with Joan you will find your visions clear, obstacles dissolve, and renewed courage to follow your callings.

In 2013, artist Joan Hangarter heard the call of the Earth Messengers, ‘Paint us and we will come.” An occasional painter since 2000, Dr. Hangarter had been a successful chiropractor, an author and founder of The Miracle Makers Club.  But in 2013, she dropped everything and began to paint transformative paintings of angels she calls Earth Messengers.

“The Earth Messengers are here to bring healing of the heart, and remind us, that we, too, are powerful beings with the potential to live a larger life. The process of painting these Earth Messengers begins with a vision, a dream, and through a meditative process, the paint brush literally moves itself, and the beings direct their presentation.”

Her paintings are imbued with positive transformational messages from etheric beings that Dr. Joan shares as she channels as an oracle, medium and a painter—earning her the affectionate moniker ‘Joan of Angels.’

 “The message of ‘Paint us and we will come,’ is part of a universal truth for all of us, with a larger theme of believe, and your truth, your life, will manifest.” Explore the Earth Messengers Gallery.

These messengers bring unconditional love, wisdom, guidance, and most of all healing for the world. These paintings are unique portals to experiencing the divine. Welcome home.

Joan works as an oracle/intuitive mentor doing both private and group sessions. She can be found most days in her Desert Heart Sanctuary where you are invited to have a private sessions with Joan of Angels and/or experience the Earth Messengers themselves, and find your personal guide.  You can find out more at

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