Stress Pandemic: 9 Natural Steps to Survive, Master Stress & Live Well

The extraordinary changes that transpire in a person’s life as a result of stress management have been a topic of wide discussion among physicians, psychologists and even the general public. Now, the founder of LifeREstyle, Paul Huljich, gives us Stress Pandemic, 9 Natural Steps to Break the Cycle of Stress & Thrive.  Stress Pandemic contains transformative, practical and self-assessment steps toward the kind of well-being most people have been praying for.

Loads of personal research as well as popular studies on the effects of stress support the wisdom shared by Huljich. As a result, the information in this book contains the keys to changing your neurochemistry and your overall life experience.

Stress Pandemic helps readers in two ways: it allows those seeking wellness to recover while also helping them to prevent future episodes of imbalance.  How? You may ask. 

By breaking destructive cycles and installing new, specific, habits that are surprisingly easy and natural to incorporate.  For example, the author describes the power of nutrition and exercise, but takes the time to hone in on the transformative effect of walking in particular - walking as opposed to other forms of exercise that are less natural for the body.

Sandwiched between “Nutrition” and “Learn To Say No” chapters is an entire chapter devoted to affirmations. This chapter is of particular importance because it doesn’t just contain reasons why affirmations are great. It presents actual texts of potent statements for you to take advantage of as you move through your recovery journey. 

While this book is chock-full of information, it’s also inspiring at a deeper level. With real recovery stories and an honest account of Huljich’s unique healing process over the past few decades, you will be left with a sense of surprise, hope and empowerment.

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