Suzanne Jessee

Suzanne Jessee is the creator of Neurogenesis Meditative Therapy (NMT), a new clinical system that incorporates current knowledge of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as well as mindfulness practices.  Scientific advances that demonstrate how thoughts and meditations can affect the regeneration of neuronal pathways have directly informed Jessee’s invention of this new therapeutic style.


The Escape Anxiety System

Escape Anxiety (a book and multimedia program) reflects Jessee’s personal and professional experiences.  Having had a long and serious struggle with the disorder, she is passionate about giving others the tools they need to extricate themselves from the web of anxiety.   With due diligence and heart, Jessee has taken her program to treatment centers across the country.  Among the facilities that have tried the system are the Betty Ford Center, Brighton Hospital, Dawn farms Treatment Center, Henry Ford, Maple Grove, and other dual diagnosis centers.  Upon seeing that patient satisfaction was high, Jessee decided to compile her therapies into one easy to use system that people can purchase for use in their own homes.

Escape Anxiety consists of meditative therapies but Jessee says that her program is “not new age.”

“This is original medicine and goes back to the beginning of time,” said Jessee.  In fact, meditative practices have been noted in recorded history as far back as 1500 BCE.  The practices have become rooted in many religions and cultures over thousands of years. 

“Unfortunately, the misconception about meditation is that it doesn’t affect real change, when in fact it does,” Jessee told “But today, with neuroscience and neuroimaging, we can actually see the changes in brain chemistry and structure.”

Jessee has also added a complementary Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy piece to her system. As experts in psychology are aware, CBT is deeply rooted in current clinical practice. Although hypnosis lost credibility due to the way it was used and portrayed in the entertainment world, no one can deny that hypnotherapy is an extremely powerful way to change the goings-on in the subconscious mind. 

Thoughts on Prevention

When asked how she felt about prevention of anxiety, Jessee expressed that it was time we started teaching our youth coping skills so that they can learn to manage their life stressors. However, she noted that parents themselves often lack skills of self-regulation:

“Many parents don’t understand how to bring themselves back to the center after an experience that excites them or escalates their anger.  In order to successfully navigate from childhood to adulthood, we should clean house using the tools available to us. In western culture we don’t teach children how to meditate, how to listen to the quiet and appreciate the quiet. But, I have to say that although we in the West are immature in our knowledge, meditation is slowly gaining respect in our culture.”

Jessee’s Programs and Workshops

Jessee offers other neurogenesis-based programs for insomnia and chronic pain. “Release”  is the program focused on chronic pain. It is extremely powerful and incorporates a self-hypnosis therapy that has been used for people who need to get through surgery without anesthesia!

At this time, Jessee is preparing for a two-day, highly experiential workshop. She passionately told, “The workshop is life-altering in terms of understand the mind body connection. It’s about being empowered by the mind-body connection rather than being victimized by it.”

She explains that uncomfortable emotions will inevitably happen, but we get to choose how long we will entertain them.  “If you don’t know you have that choice, then you become a victim.  People need to be aware that thoughts are chemical and affect the way the body feels. If you pay more attention to what you’re thinking about, then you have more control over your body’s response to the environment.”  

Jessee is offering a brief, 2-hour, FREE empowering “Escape Anxiety” workshop on May 2, 2015. It is sponsored by Addiction Therapeutic Services and starts at 10:00AM at the Palm Desert Chamber of Commerce.  Jessee invites all to attend with this message: “I’ll be teaching what you didn’t know you needed to know.”

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