Ten Great Things About Recovering From Someone Else's Additction

  1. The sun manages to come up without your help.
  2. Therapy finally kicks in.
  3. You can stop apologizing for what someone else did.
  4. Other people can solve their own problems…or not.
  5. You really know you didn’t cause it.
  6. The statute of limitation has expired on your mistakes.
  7. You let other people be wrong  — even though you could improve things given the chance.
  8. It’s okay when other people can see that you and your life aren’t perfect.
  9. Worry is no longer a virtue.
  10. You don’t believe that only selfish people enjoy themselves.

This article was provided by NACOA, the National Association for Children of Alcoholics. Visit their website at http://www.nacoa.org.

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