The Kiloby Center opened its doors to those seeking recovery and spiritual enlightenment earlier this year. Amid the scenic and soothing landscape of Palm Springs, this recovery facility stirs with the calm excitement of profound spiritual change. 

The Kiloby Center team works with people involved in 12 step and other addiction recovery programs, but is not restricted by traditional notions of outpatient care. They employ a unique, non-residential program and develop plans that “fit just right with a client’s individual needs.”

Scott Kiloby, the CEO and founder of The Kiloby Center, called himself a quintessential 12-stepper for many years.  After being an addict for two decades, he embraced 12-step philosophies only to realize that addiction went beyond substance abuse.  Kiloby sought a release from all addictions in life, and as part of his quest, studied with many Buddhist teachers.  He eventually developed a method called Natural Rest for Addiction.  Through Natural Rest, any individual can “find a natural capacity to live and enjoy life without being identified with thoughts, emotions and sensations.” 

The Kiloby Center employs an extension of the Natural Rest method and helps clients learn how to relieve stress and suffering. The Center combines modalities including yoga and FasterEFT in order to help clients to live in the present moment. This unique program also focuses on a very specific application of mindfulness called “Living Inquiries.” The Inquiries are very simple and effective tools that clients can use at any time of day or night.


“People come with a belief that they aren’t good enough. That they aren’t adequate. We use the Living Inquiries to help our clients realize that those beliefs are mental fictions,” says Kiloby.   “For example, the Compulsion Inquiry is a tool that allows people to dissolve addictive thoughts the moment they arrive.   An addict may not be immediately open to calling a sponsor in that crisis moment, but he or she can use the compulsion inquiry to deactivate the craving.”


Staffed with a team of Living Inquiries facilitators, certified EFT and yoga instructors and a licensed psychologist, The Kiloby Center provides a customized and holistic experience for their clients. 



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