The Miracle Makers Club

The Miracle Makers Club by Joan Hangarter, D.C., is replete with inspiration and wisdom. Through a story of great financial loss and severe physical injury stemming from a car collision, Hangarter weaves in a tale of restoration and healing as well as advice for readers. 

While we’re all excited to jump into miracle-making action, Hangarter makes clear that miracles don\'t just happen through action. You have to change your thoughts and create a shift in the body as well. We learn from this text that getting into the miracle mindset requires that one think and do what\'s necessary to create stronger beliefs in what seem like far-fetched possibilities. The workbook pages in the book help to make that miracle mindset both a comfortable state of being and a process. 

Lucky for those who aren’t used to thinking in terms of “miracles,” the author briefly explains what exactly a miracle is it how the word has been applied in history. She also helps to readers to realize how they are already in the process of miracle making. According to Hangarter, it also helps to clean up the “dark clouds” that prevent this ultra positive mindset from fully activating. Don\'t worry, there are workbook pages for that process!

This book also explains how miracle-making is directly tied to the creation of what a person wants their experience. Therefore, she encourages readers to pursue the finding and enacting of their life\'s purpose. She has even included a chapter devoted to helping readers to create a personal plan that entails prepping the mind and body for a meaningful life!

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