The Natural Health Handbook: The Science of Being Healthy & Happy Naturally

These days, it's hard to know how to stay healthy. The world is becoming sick and fat. Health means taking responsibility for yourself, but that’s not easy in an environment filled with processed food and GMOs. Fortunately, The Natural Health Handbook shows you how to gather information and take responsibility for your health. Steven S. Sadleir put thousands of hours of research into this book and lives what he teaches.

You’ll discover how to avoid the most common sources of illness and disease, how to avoid the road to cancer, and the real reasons you may feel sad, stressed or wired. Find out how simple it can be to regain your health, and feel peaceful and happy The Natural Health Handbook delivers the most important health information you need, backed with science. It includes shopping lists of foods to buy, along with many free health resources.

Steven S. Sadleir is a best-selling author of several books, host of Enlightenment Radio, and creator of numerous learning programs. He is a Shaktipat Kundalini Master and Siddha Yogi, and director of the Self Awareness Institute. In the past thirty years he has trained hundreds to teach yoga, meditation and natural health all over the world.

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