The Path

Mastering the Nine Pillars of Resilience and Success

The Path takes Dr. Sideroffs Resilience Model, which is based on his forty years of research and clinical work, and puts it in a easy-to-follow format.  This book is full of information on how to overcome obstacles, improve stress responses, and optimize personal health.  It is also a handy tool for regular self-assessment while you are on The Path.

The Path explains how childhood patterns can affect and even stunt our ability to adapt and function optimally in the environments that we live in. Drawing from Dr. Sideroffs cutting edge research, the book describes a close connection between emotions and physical stress responses. It then shows readers how to use innovative as well as time-tested techniques to cope with, and self-regulate, through those stress responses.

This book encourages everyone to ask and re-ask themselves, Am I on The Path? while allowing each person to take their time and apply the suggested techniques in a moment-by-moment fashion. 

Dr. Sideroff truly helps us to demystify our own neurobiobehavioral patterns and shows us how to rewire our brains in this book. He provides exactly the right tools to help us let go of beliefs that do not serve us, and to help us focus on the things that restore us to a state of optimal functioning.

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