The Wonky Side of Energy

Do you ever wonder if the energy of others (and even people you don\'t know) could affect you? Let me tell you, the simple answer is yes, it can. I had that thought today after talking with a coach of mine about the shift in my mindset between last week and this week. The shift felt almost as if a cloud of something rolled through me and hit me hard.

Actually, it knocked me out a bit.

Now, don\'t get me wrong, I am feeling very positive about my life and my purpose. I mean amazing things are happening in my life and with my business, and yet, I am feeling a bit detached from it. I questioned my coach (even coaches have coaches) about this, as he is man who has had a lot of experience in understanding energy and balance, and how the Law of Attraction really works.

When I mentioned that something felt off and that I couldn\'t figure out what it was or where it was coming from, he very easily put things into perspective for me.

He simply said that I was attracting the energy of the Universe and what was happening on a more global scale. That the world, right now, was full of doubt and fear with so many issues going on and uncertainties present.

He said it\'s as if the excitement from the New Year faded and people are left wondering about the dreaded what-if-such-and-such happens scenarios. They are focused on questions like “how will I do this?” or “what if this happens?” or “what if I can’t do that?”

This doubt has overtaken the energy moving around us for quite some time.

I almost allowed myself to feel defeated for a quick moment after he said that. I mean I spend so much time being present and intentional about my own energy and being purposeful about what I attract to me and my space. Now, here is my coach telling me that there is all this energy I have no control over and that it is sucking some of my own focus away and perpetuating my own uneasiness. What???

Now, how I am supposed to accept that, change my own energy, and be more mindful and purposeful inside that truth?

Then, as we continued talking, I realized I need to remember that there is so much I cannot control. And, in the same breath, there is so much I can. For in truth, there is very little in the grand scheme of things that I truly have control over in terms of global affairs, energy, people’s beliefs and perceptions. However, there are things I can control and, with that, influence others and create change and impact.                                                           

As my teachers have shared with me, there are only five things I can control in any given moment: what I believe, what I expect, what I think, what I say, and ultimately what I do. Essentially, I can choose how I react and whether or not I am going to participate.

So, where does that leave me? Well, exactly in a position to make up my own mind about how I would let the energy around me affect me. I may not be able to change the shift in the Universe, or the doubt of many, but I could take action to make sure I am spending my time in the most productive space possible.

I can choose to stay present and focused on my goals and the life I am trying to create. I can choose to show up as my most authentic and powerful self. I can choose to continue to inspire, influence, and impact those who are willing to receive what I have to offer. And, I can choose to pray for those who are letting doubt and fear paralyze them.

The point is ... I can choose!

I choose to take responsibility for how I think, what I feel, what I believe, and what I expect ... and, what I say and do, as a result.

My amazing coach once quoted Confucius to me, \"He who masters oneself is the mightiest warrior.” And, I, for one, am a strong and beautiful warrior!  As a mighty warrior I have decided that I will continue to keep myself in a place of gratitude, for my blessings are overflowing. I will keep myself in a place of generosity, as my gift and passion is to lift up others so they might see their own light. And, I will keep myself in a place of curiosity, for the world holds many wonders and I am always learning and growing.

I have chosen. I am empowered strong! I am a mighty warrior! 

My question to you: what will you choose?

About Candy Barone:

Candy Barone, CEO, You Empowered Strong (, is a catalyst in bringing a change to the face of leadership today. Candy teaches emerging leaders how to stand in their own power and how to choose to show up, serve others, and take greater personal responsibility to truly \"feed the soul of business.\"

This accountability powerhouse, business trainer, coach and strategist, \"pulls no punches\" in teaching leaders how to lead from love, with love. She 20 years of corporate experience to the table and is a master at building exceptional, high-performing teams, maximizing and leveraging ROI, growing emerging leaders, and catapulting individuals to achieve explosive growth.

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