Unbinding The Heart

In Unbinding the Heart, Agapi Stassinopoulos takes us through a personal and spiritual journey that leaves readers with a heartfelt knowing that everything will be okay.

Stassinopoulos’ gift with words is apparent in this book which reads like a memoir of the spirit.  A few of the featuring characters like her mother, father and sister are portrayed in the many dimensions that they deserve. But at the same time, each one furthers the narrative toward one inevitable message: with a positive and grateful spirit, anyone can live their fullest life.  

An exciting personal adventure, Unbinding the Heart also takes us through Agapi’s earlier years - the acting years. Agapi’s life as an actress, before she became a well-known speaker and writer, could be book of its own.  

The drama that unfolds between Stassinopoulos’s parents is disheartening given that readers might fall in love with this family right at the outset.  Also, some less kind characters make an appearance only to irk us. But with a wise and loving Stassinopoulos as the narrator absorbing and reflecting upon each adventure, readers are able to meet every disappointment and conflict with optimism.


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