Your Immune System is at Risk with the Wrong Dental Filling Material...

And Protective Protocols are Paramount for Silver Filling Removal


\"\"Most people don\'t realize that their fillings can be highly dangerous to their overall health. We have decapitated the patient and forgot that what we place in a   person\'s mouth has a direct effect on their immune system via the meridian pathways. If someone has a silver filling, that person\'s body is burdened by the mercury content in those fillings. If they have a porcelain crown, they might have a nickel-based metal. Mercury and nickel are the heaviest metals on this planet-and mercury is the most toxic.That being said,we are adding another burden to our bodies which already have to deal with so many other burdens like diet, environmental pollutions, and stress!!

Bio-compatible dentistry is the cutting edge of holistic healthcare. We do a blood test for dental material reactivity. Reactivity is the amount of change that occurs within the immune system when it is subjected to a foreign substance like dental materials. Once we test and have the information, we are attempting to use a material that is the \"least\" reactive to that person\'s personal immune system.

Here in our office in Southern California, we have removed more than 20,000 \"silver fillings\"-which have as much as 50% mercury. But the traditional way of removing them is potentially a problem. Is it ok to bite into a thermometer? No, because of the mercury it contains. Then why is it ok just to drill out a silver filling, allowing the patient to swallow some of it -- even using high speed suction? Strict  protocols protect the patient, dentist, staff and the environment.

When we do mercury filling removal, we wear special gear, including two-valve gas masks, gloves and contamination-free coverings. The patient is provided complete draping and protective eyewear. We then  lay a rubberized protective covering in the mouth that segregates the excise area from the rest of the soft tissue and teeth. As the drilling begins, we use a heavy-duty sanitized suction system that ensures that all significant mercury particles are safely contained, and the patient is provided oxygen. Any free radicals--remaining airborne particles--are swept up in the ionizer in the room. Lastly, we have installed a mercury separator, which prevents the mercury from finding its way into the water system and the oceans. That system is periodically cleared by the EPA for proper disposal.  While, the patient is in the chair, we have a naturopathic doctor on hand to administer intravenous vitamin C. Heavy metals like mercury are electron scavengers. One of the reasons we die is our electrons are depleted. IV Vitamin C is an electron donor and chelating agent. Thus, it super-empowers the immune system during removal.


Silver fillings aren\'t the only immune-damaging fillings you can have. White fillings are often problematic as well. Composite resins are made up of a variety of components with different chemical compositions. BIS-GMA is a frequently used binding agent in dental composites, and it\'s widely known that it is not good for you. There are too many composite manufacturers. That\'s why it  is wise to get a blood compatibility test to see which ones you are the least reactive to.

\"\"Ask your dentist what types of protections he or she uses when removing mercury fillings. You should reserve the right to make your own decisions about such matters. In fact, a holistic dentist\'s role is to educate the individual-not to tell you what to do-but give you enough information for you to make decisions that impact your whole health. Studies show that every tooth in your mouth actually corresponds with an organ in your body through the energy meridians identified by Chinese medicine and other ancient cultures. When you put in a filling, pull teeth, do root canal-any dental practice, it has implications far beyond your mouth. Be an educated advocate for your health and make sure your dentist considers what happens below the neck!  


Dr. David Villarreal, an international renowned leader in holistic dentistry, is sought out worldwide for his expertise in biocompatible dentistry (matching body chemistry with compatible filling materials to strengthen, rather than weaken the immune system) and the removal of mercury fillings. People coming from as far away as Canada, Europe and Africa to be under his care. Dr. Villarreal, based in Southern California, employs a host of procedures that protect everyone and the environment in the process, making it appear that the HazMat team may have descended on the office. For more information, go to and Call 805-322-7556 or

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