Information for Authors

General Information for Authors is seeking articles from recovery industry professionals that reflect each professional’s area of expertise. We welcome articles on a variety of recovery-related topics including, but not limited to addiction, dual diagnosis, mental health, industry news and trends, pain, trauma, diet/nutrition, spirituality, recovery, personal stories, and stress management.

Proposals for Articles on New Topics

If there is an unlisted topic that you would like to write about, you may need to send us a proposal. Please send a brief description for the following elements of your proposed article:

  • What is the idea? Why is the idea important?
  • Who is the audience for the article?
  • How are you planning to communicate your idea?


Articles submitted for publication in will be considered if they fit the mission of the journal and are written using clean, concise, and unambiguous language. Articles should be around 1500 words and should adhere to the rules in the Author Guidelines sheet.  If you would like your article to be considered you may submit it to Program Editor, Beverly Zeliger at Files can be sent in a text file or a Microsoft word format. Please make sure that your submission contains your phone number, email address, and physical address.


Copyrights & Duplicate Web Content

Those submitting articles must hold all the rights to the work being submitted. If there is a co-author, the co-author’s written permission is required for to publish the article. Please note that does not publish duplicate content. If your article already appears somewhere on the web, we cannot publish that content on the website. Finally, if you submit an original, unpublished article to and would like to publish it somewhere on the web in the future, be sure to add this line (with the correct information, fill in the blanks) at the beginning of your article: “(Name of Article) was first published on, an Online Journal on (type the date of publication).”

Technical Guidelines for Authors

The technical aspects of writing can be quite a chore! For that reason, we have compiled a list of tips and guidelines that will help you with common writing mistakes. We mostly adhere to APA Format.

  • - Word count should be in the ballpark of 1500
  • - Use Times New Roman or Arial Font
  • - Cite references in-text
  • - Use double-spacing between sentences
  • - When beginning a sentence with a number, always spell out the number as a word.
  • - Unless a specific exception, numbers below 10 are written out (example: five).
  • - Unless a specific exception, numbers 10 and above are Arabic numerals (example: 76).
  • - When discussing percent, use numeral followed by % sign (example: 12% not 12 percent)
  • - When discussing percentile, spell out word percentile
  • - Direct quotations fewer than 40 words must include quotation marks “ ” surrounding phrase/sentence.
  • - Direct quotations 40 or more words have the entire quote as a block quote (all lines of quote indented at paragraph indent).
  • - Remember that punctuation usually goes inside of quotes !

Please note that if you are writing a creative piece that requires breaking one or more of the above rules, please note that at the TOP of your submission.

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