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Structured Water As The Vibrational Medicine of...

The above image is a high-speed photography image of our original Harmony strong Structured Water Formula. The images of our...

28 Sep, 2018

TMS Informed

You are likely beginning to hear the whispers of TMS which stands for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. You are probably also...

Suzanne Jessee
08 Mar, 2018

What Is Spirit Recovery?

Spirit Recovery is a process that becomes a practice and finally settles into a way of life--being in your truth. It is a way...

Mary Faulkner,
05 May, 2015

Tear Down that Wall

Stress and anxiety are at the root of all addictions, which was eloquently communicated by Dr. Kevin McCauley in his film...

Suzanne Jessee
11 Mar, 2015

Tapping into your ‘ENERQI’

Lets be honest… Many of us have moments when we overindulge; then, we beat ourselves up knowing that we can do better - or...

Sheri Laine , Diplomate of...
11 Mar, 2015

A Guide to Effectively Bringing Mindfulness into...

Adding mindfulness to a 12 step-based addiction treatment program can be just the right non-prescription medicine.  The key to...

Scott Kiloby,
11 Mar, 2015

Meditation: Healing the Scars from Child Abuse,...

Meditation saved my life. My father, Richard North, died in a Navy jet test flight crash when I was six years old.   Fifteen...

Tom North
14 Nov, 2014

Successful IV Amino Acid Treatment for Addiction

After his second day in the intravenous treatment program, Jerry was surprised and delighted by his progress: “I have been...

Hyla Cass
08 Apr, 2014

Getting Regulated: Riding the Wave of...

Neurofeedback has become known in addiction treatment as a phenomenon in brain regulation and has created quite a stir in the...

Jo Ellen Fletcher
04 Nov, 2013

EFT/TFT and Energy Psychology

I’ve been in the chemical dependency field since 1973 and have seen many therapeutic approaches to treat myriad emotional and...

Michael Yeager
04 Nov, 2013

Employing Virtual Reality to Battle Alcoholism...

Employing Virtual Reality to Battle Alcoholism and Addiction in PTSD-Plagued Combat Veterans By John Lavitt Is battling...

John Lavitt
01 Nov, 2013

Chiropractic, Neuroscience, and Addiction

Chiropractic, Neuroscience, and Addiction   By Herby Bell   Addiction is caused by a variety of factors, including a...

Herby Bell
01 Nov, 2013

Getting to the Heart of Healing


Gail Hromadko
31 Aug, 2013

Getting to the Heart of Healing: Part II


Gail Hromadko
31 Aug, 2013

To Advocate or Not to Advocate?


John O. Whitaker, Jr., CATC II
31 Aug, 2013


Boisea Trivittatus, better known as the boxelder bug, emerges from the recesses of homes and dwellings in the early spring. ...

Scott Miller,
30 Aug, 2013

Eating Disorders:

Eating Disorders: The Nutrient Solution By Hyla Cass, As a psychiatrist, I am clearly familiar with the psychodynamic...

Hyla Cass
29 Aug, 2013

Seasons of the Soul: The Zen of Happiness


Brian Luke Seaward, PhD
29 Aug, 2013

Closing Your Emotional Windows

Closing Your Emotional Windows By Peter Pamela Rose, PCC   The other day while I was playing around on my PC, I...

Peter Pamela Rose, PCC
29 Aug, 2013

Quieting the Hungry Ghost


Richard Fields,
23 Aug, 2013

Getting to the Heart of Healing:

Getting to the Heart of Healing: How equine therapy heals trauma and addiction By Gail Hromadko, MFT This is a two-part...

22 Aug, 2013

5 Healthy Recipes


SuperUser Account
22 Aug, 2013

Living Well:10 Easy Recepies

HTML clipboard ...

SuperUser Account
22 Aug, 2013

5 Everyday Streches


SuperUser Account
21 Aug, 2013
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