Category : Artistic View

Humanizing Depersonalized Settings

Improvisation is a tremendous tool for humanizing and enlivening depersonalized environments. Unfortunately, it is rarely...

Kristine Waters, Ed.D.
08 Sep, 2021

Grab Some Crayons! Your Inner Child Is an Artist

We just returned to our desks after our first lunch-and-color event at HCI. Pizza boxes and salad dressing bottles aside,...

Kim Weiss
08 Sep, 2016

Poetry in Performance: Shadow

Samira Noorali, J.D.
08 Sep, 2016

Soul Vitamins, A Poem

Soul Vitamins Drifting like the clouds in the sky No cares attached For freedom is what I seek but trepidation...

Michelle Castillo
08 Sep, 2016

Poetry in Recovery: A New Dimension

Poetry has transformed my experience of recovery. And, has transformed me. Being a young, Indo-Pakistani-American woman...

Samira Noorali, J.D.
12 Jan, 2015

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