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Your Company, Your Vision, Your Fate

Great companies are defined by many things; their leadership, their ability to execute, and how they respond to change....

Stampp Corbin, MBA
07 Jul, 2020

How Do Your Treatment Completion Rates Compare?

One of the most critical elements for an addiction treatment program to manage effectively is the percentage of patients who...

Joanna Condie
28 Sep, 2018

Whats the Secret Handshake to Match Client...

Clinicians in private practice have a lot of autonomy. But none of us “go it alone” - we work with a network of other...

Dr. Tony Greco
25 Mar, 2018

Boosting UR Outcomes and Quality of Care:...

As any Utilization Review (UR) clinician will tell you that pleading a client’s case with a managed care company can be an...

Elizabeth Irias, , LMFT
19 Apr, 2017

The New Normal? Avoiding Risk and Preparing for...

Recent weeks have brought headlines of law enforcement crackdowns on addiction treatment: federal, state, and local raids on...

Harry Nelson, Esq.
14 Dec, 2016

Government Helps Those Who Help Themselves

The California substance use treatment industry is under attack. An unsustainable California model, reimbursements that do not...

Stampp Corbin, MBA
13 Dec, 2016

What Marketing Is and Is Not

I have been involved in the marketing arena formally for over thirty years. As you might imagine, in that time I have heard or...

Tom A. Buckles,
12 Jan, 2015

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