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Are We Having Fun Yet?

In Chinese Medicine, we have a wonderful saying: The Mind Leads the Qi. Qi (chee) is the energy or life force that circulates...

Sheri Laine , Diplomate of...
05 Nov, 2013

Detox Your Mind

Perhaps you’ve heard the word detoxification, which refers to the process of removing toxins from the body to improve health...

Marcel Schwantes
05 Nov, 2013

Holistic Detoxing Support for Addiction Recovery

Here are 10 simple, yet very effective methods for gentle support of the detoxification process. Some can be done right away when...

Randi Ragan
05 Nov, 2013

Organic Spa Treatments: Essential Amenities For...

The approach with most modern systems of addiction recovery encompasses a holistic approach:  treating the “whole” person...

Randi Ragan
05 Nov, 2013

Writers In Treatment hosts seminar for writers in...

Writers In Treatment presents: The Essential Screenwriter’s Seminar Create Characters that Live Beyond the Page By Dr....

Leonard Buschel
05 Nov, 2013

Eco-Consciousness in Recovery

The concepts of eco-consciousness can be an important pathway towards cultivating long lasting support for those in recovery. ...

Randi Ragan
05 Nov, 2013

Inviting Authors, Companies and Professionals working in Addiction Recovery

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