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Your Invitation to More Energy, Compassion and Hope

Storytellers capture the essence of a happening, distill wisdom and pass it on to others.  I am a storyteller and the tale I tell is about the movement from powerlessness and want to choices and empowerment.

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Patricia O'Gorman, PhD

Self-Parenting to Prevent Relapse

Early recovery is a tricky time.  Early success, feeling fragile. Going one day at a time, often for the first time. Relapse lurking at the gates of a new sobriety. The senses are finally being thawed; the mind is beginning to clear.  Knowledge begins to pour in; new skills are learned.  And beneath this exciting surface is a seemingly dark undertow that many mistakenly try to keep at bay — family issues.

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Categories: Family System

Reichian Theory, Technique and Applicability in Compulsive Disorders – A Brief View

Wilhelm Reich was a student of Freud, who departed from psychoanalysis and proposed a different treatment approach called “Psychiatric Orgone Therapy.”

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