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Suzanne Jessee

Tear Down that Wall

Stress and anxiety are at the root of all addictions, which was eloquently communicated by Dr. Kevin McCauley in his film Pleasure Unwoven.

According the NIMH, roughly 90 percent of all primary care physician visits are due to stress related illnesses.  I think its time we take a closer look at how the West meets the East, or not. 

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Darryl S. Inaba

The Use and Misuse of Opiates in Pain Management

Addiction: Conditioning the brain for reward

            It is estimated that there are 1.7 million heroin and 3 to 4 million prescription opiate addicts in America. Recent data informs us that in this current era of opiate abuse more people are dying from prescription drug overdoses including opiates than are dying from highway accidents.  To better understand what we in the treatment and recovery field are facing, it is useful to consider the science of pain and reward.

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Saleem Noorali

Relapse Prevention: Finding Engagement, Involvement and Purpose through Compassion Attentiveness

The Fact of Relapse

According to National Institute on Drug Abuse, relapse rates for drug addiction are around an astounding 40-60%.   In cases of Opiate Addiction, the rate is as high as 85%. In spite of the abundance of inpatient and outpatient care available to people in need of help, an enormous number of addicts will relapse several times and may never be totally free of their addiction.

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Kristina Diener

Is There Life After Meth?

Addictions Redefined

The Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With The First Step.”  Lao Tzu

Addict, from the Latin addicare: to favor; from ad- + dicere: to say or to call forth. In the days of the Roman Empire, the Gladiators would fight to the death. Whoever won would call forth a slave; hence, an addict is a slave.

Isnt that the highest of aspirations, to be a slave?

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Categories: Recovery
Joan Borsten

Has Aetna Declared War on Out of Network Substance Abuse Providers?

Until recently did you consider Aetna as reliable a partner as Cigna and United Health Care?

Remember when Aetna paid your out of network residential and outpatient level substance abuse claims according to what was “reasonable and customary” in your particular zip code or geographic location? 

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Categories: Advocacy

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