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Addiction, Aging and Hope

Older adult addiction is a changing dynamic in this country. With the graying of the Boomers and a shift of alcohol and chemical abuse to include illicit drugs and polypharmacy, aging and addiction is now intergenerational. There are striking differences in how traditional older adults (those aged 65+) and Boomers experience addiction and recovery.

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Ed Storti

So You Want to Be an Interventionist! – Part One of Two Parts

A few years ago a treatment magazine highlighted an expose on the intervention industry.  One of the quotes in the article stood out:  “It seems everyone wants to be an interventionist.”  Although my colleagues and I found the quote humorous—the point was well taken.

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 Randi Ragan

Organic Spa Treatments: Essential Amenities For Your Recovery Center

The approach with most modern systems of addiction recovery encompasses a holistic approach:  treating the “whole” person with a deep and varied tool box, with the understanding that each patient will respond to very different methods of help and support.  Most recovery centers these days have made strides to incorporate some type of amenities menu for their patients that include on-call massage therapy.

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Allen Berger

Recovery as an Initiation Rite

In the two past decade I have studied male initiation rites. In fact I attended a remarkable male initiation performed by Father Richard Rohr in Julian, California. 

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Stephen Sideroff

From Addiction to Resilience – Tools and Approaches to Support Recovery

Addiction involves a complex array of factors: genetic, biological, social, environmental, and intrapsychic which all have a role to play. 

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