A Balancing Act

“The mind is like a parachute; it works best when it is open.” ~Anonymous

Do you ever wonder what the word balance means in relationship to how we live and behave in our mental, physical and emotional lives, and why a lot of us seem to be reading and talking about balance more frequently?

I know that as a 25-year practitioner of Oriental Medicine, it always comes up in conversation with my patients, regardless of sex or age. Oriental Medicine always preserves Qi energy or life force. This Life force circulates throughout our bodies and around all of us throughout our day, and even when we are at rest or asleep.

Balance is the way in which we choose to harmonize and preserve this Qi force field. I have coined a phrase for this harmonization and preservation of our inner and outer power that I call EnerQi.

So how does this EnerQi apply to our lives? How can we create more balance and happiness in our lives and within our community?

Creating balance in our physical lives means to sleep deeply and well. While living our life to the fullest, we choose to exercise regularly and eat delicious, whole foods that replenish and nourish our bodies. Enjoying music and good conversation with friends, while sharing our feelings openly in ways that make others desire to listen and engage with us, is a wonderful way to achieve balance and harmony within our bodies and within our lives.

Choosing balance requires honesty, a commitment to meditative practice, authenticity and self-awareness, while showing compassion for ourselves and others. By going within and allowing cloudy questions to become clear answers, we become stronger conduits to our own inner EnerQi vibration. This means being as real and as true to ourselves as we possibly can right here today, in this moment. Balance is the ability to love others in the ways in which we want to be loved in return. If sadness or loss is prevalent in our lives, we do not pretend it away. Letting our selves feel the pain and access the EnerQi of the situation creates a way to balance.

Being balanced is having the ability and the courage to look at any situation with as much awareness as we are capable of in any given moment with honesty. Like Yin and Yang, darkness and light, EnerQi, always changes and can be transformed. Acceptance and forgiveness also play a big part in achieving balance.

As we move about our lives, in our world and in our neighborhoods, we give off a vibration that is felt when we are in acceptance. Others pick up on our evenness. It creates a wave of good Enerqi within our lives and within our community. Maintaining an attitude of gratitude in one’s life while facing and accepting the challenge’s we all share will bring truth and inner happiness to us all.

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