Are We Having Fun Yet?

In Chinese Medicine, we have a wonderful saying: The Mind Leads the Qi. Qi (chee) is the energy or life force that circulates throughout our body, carrying with it our body’s blood and oxygen, ensuring healthy functioning of all bodily systems, organs and cells.

EnerQi is a term I have coined for the invisible energetic vibration that surrounds us like a pulsating light field. It fluctuates depending on our lifestyle choices, thoughts and behaviors. Qi begins in our minds and takes direction from our thoughts. Our minds act as the master power over our health and happiness, and our thoughts function as our body’s workers. If you think of your body as a pathway or stream that carries your energy and EnerQi fields, your thoughts start the chain of command.

Thoughts begin the flow of your body’s Qi stream that continually cascades along the many pathways of energy channels throughout the body By shifting our thoughts, we are able to change our energetic frequency to much higher levels of internal and external power, happiness and wellness. This is typically an unconscious process. However, if thoughts are angry, toxic or unhappy, we find this is a perfect breeding ground for disease and distress within the body. Good nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices come forcefully into play here as well.
Opening oneself up to broader ways and more flexible approaches to thinking are one way to change thoughts. Another way is to be realistic about where you are now, and if something is not making you feel healthy or happy, begin Right Action to change it. Figure out your direction emotionally, physically and mentally and begin to move toward it.

I find that in life and in medicine, that there are never absolutes. With the understanding that our thoughts work like magnets in our body, it becomes easier to cultivate and to attract a different state of mind. With this added awareness and power comes more relaxation and happiness.

Daily meditation can be very helpful in the cultivation of a more relaxed and open approach to our daily lives as well. Studies abound to its benefits. There are many approaches to finding your way into a daily or weekly meditation practice. Remember that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, so don’t worry if you are doing it correctly or sitting in the right position. Just begin now. Right where you are, as cloudy questions become clearer answers, one’s pathway begins to unfold from a newfound space.

Incorporating laughter and fun into life’s sometimes uncomfortable or sticky situations is another important way to change negative ways of thinking. Most of life’s challenging circumstances are easier with a bit of levity. We are often so caught up attending to our busy lives that are filled with home, family and work responsibilities that we forget that it’s OK – as well as our divine right – to have fun, smile and laugh out loud through the fast-paced existence that most of us lead.

Smiles and laughter are usually contagious. Your happiness will serve as a magnet that attracts others to you, as well as a conduit to a powerful and positive EnerQi vibration of thought, action and deed that will fan out and be felt into the world around you.

Remember: The Mind Leads the Qi.

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