Asleep, Dreaming We Are Awake

We are material and finite beings. We have survival needs:

  • Basic: breathe, drink, eat, sex
  • Emotional: fight, flight, freeze
  • Human: appreciation, awareness, action

We live in a material and finite world. We experience constant change, disequilibrium, internal and external. We learn our needs can be satisfied by material and finite sources: biology, psychology, sociology, and even theology. We can achieve equilibrium at these levels. Our very finiteness and materiality receives confirmation that we can survive on our own initiative and resources.

Yet we live with a constant tension, barely felt but always experienced, a “thirst” of our human condition. Something is amiss; something indeed is missing.

Our materiality and finiteness are the very sources of ignorance, the curtain of darkness surrounding our deepest discomfort, keeping us disconnected from any suspicion about a possible Life Force or a predecessor Life Source.

This underlying Life Source has an indomitable energy toward revealing Itself through conscious connection. It continuously pushes gently forward, like crabgrass through concrete. Through pain and brokenness, through our wounds, this Life Source is revealed as Life Force, a breakthrough of consciousness.

If we pay attention, have the smallest inclination to listen and the slightest willingness to respond, we begin to become more conscious, we begin to take action, begin to evolve…to pierce this curtain of unknowing.

Then we remember, recognize, and realize that we come from Love – the overflow of Source; that we are by nature love – Source manifest; that we are our true self only when we are loving – replicating the Life Source by ourselves becoming a life force. Delusion dissipates; reality dawns. We have come from Love’s overflowing – an Unconditional Creative Energy that manifests as reality: image and likeness; one and many but still unity.

Our delusion is dualism: God and Creation; our reality is unism: God as Creation.

There is one song being sung: Universe, the Word made flesh in the language of Silence.

We are sustained in Love; Love Loving, an eternal action of creation. We evolve in Love to full conscious union through intentional communion and altruistic action. We are made whole; we realize our holiness.

We are a sacred people with a cosmic thirst. Our delusion is: this thirst is quenched by finite spirits. Our revelation is: this thirst is yearning, slaked only by Spirit.

“The secret to life is to die before we die and realize there is no death.” ~Eckert Tolle The acorn must die if the oak tree is to emerge; the caterpillar must disappear if the butterfly is to appear. The death of my false self is the seed bed for resurrection of my true self.

Our “thirst” is the invitation to awaken to the truth that love is the answer, the coin of authentic spirituality:

  • One side:  a relationship with OTHER, the Mystery; an improving consciousness of constant contact. Life Source is our Life Force, a wellspring at the core of our being.
  • One side: a relationship with others through compassionate action on behalf of them all; an organic manifestation of an enlarging constant consciousness. We ourselves become life source and life force, a channel for the overflow of Being.

Odd, isn’t it?

  • The more I concede my personal powerlessness; the more I am empowered.
  • To the extent that I consent to the Mystery, the more life makes sense.
  • The more conscious I am of my afflictions, the more containment I can exert on their source, my passions.
  • The more I take responsibility for my perceptions, feelings, and reactions, the more tranquil are my relationships with me and others.
  • The more I release others (forgive), the greater is my freedom (forgiven).
  • I am responsible for the effort; the results are none of my business.
  • My third-dimensional thirst is quenched by my Fourth-Dimensional Source.
  • The more I give of myself, the more I am made whole.
  • The more I place myself in harmony with spiritual principles, the more my human life is integrated: the more joy, peace, and personal happiness I experience.
  • The more I practice otherness, the more my life flourishes.
  • The hole in me is in the shape of OTHER/others.
  • The more I detach from my story, the greater is my connection to the story.

We discover the inclination is the invitation:

A noble thirst;

A noble response;

A noble containment;

A noble path.

We have the gift of being human and the gift of becoming aware of what that means.

We intuit the journey is the destination!

We are awake living the dream.

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