Holiday Gift List

As the Season of goodwill, wonderful food, and gift giving is upon us all, let us not forget to take time for ourselves during this upcoming holiday experience.

It is easy to get caught up in the “have-tos” of parties, events, dinners, shopping, wrapping presents, cooking, travel, and traffic. Lest we lose sight of holiday happiness, love, and goodwill to all, offer yourself the gift of regular exercise, sleep, meditation, mindful thinking, healthy foods, and maintaining a set holiday care schedule. This will enable you to have a more enjoyable experience as you attend to the seasonal needs at hand.


Here is a holiday gift list that is truly the gift that keeps on giving:


  1. Make time to exercise at least five times a week, no matter how busy you are. Suggest a lunch walking date: walk first, eat last. After a meal, get up, walk, stretch.
  2. Schedule an acupuncture appointment or a massage for yourself. Keep the Qi flowing.
  3. Keep your portions small. Eat at regular intervals throughout the day. Don’t starve while waiting for the big meal. The goal is to feel satisfied, not stuffed, after meals.
  4. Keep your fridge well stocked with healthy, vital, nourishing foods. Choose fresh fruits and vegetables in the colors of the season.
  5. Meditate daily. Make going within and finding that still place in your mind a priority.
  6. Remember that nobody has the power to make you feel any emotion you do not want to feel. You are in charge of your life, your sobriety, and your feelings.
  7. Practice deep, cleansing breaths. When you feel yourself tensing due to traffic, long lines, or difficulty in communications, give yourself permission to slow down and connect with your inner, wise, calming voice.
  8. Remember we are all in this together. Holidays bring up a lot of emotions for almost everyone. Practicing compassion is much more pleasant than passing judgement.
  9. Consider giving of yourself by volunteering or make a donation to a charity in another’s name rather than trying to pick up just any gift.
  10. Be mindful of how much time and energy it takes to create a party or a delicious
  11. meal, and offer to help out whenever possible in whatever capacity is need.
  12. An attitude of gratitude is contagious to all. Take time to express your thanks and appreciation for the friendships, love, joy, and happiness that you experience in your life.
  13. As this New Year approaches, think about your goals and desires. The power is within you to manifest your destiny. Chart your course, live fully for today: tomorrow will evolve from your positive actions in this moment.
  14. Have fun, stay light, laugh, smile, make eye contact with others, spread positivity for all to see and feel. Even if you’re not feeling it, try, try, and try again.
  15. Love and care for yourself as you would love those nearest and dearest to you.
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