How To Transform Your Center Into A Quantum Healing Sanctuary & Create The Lasting Results Your Clients Deserve

Have you ever considered designing the energy field that you live and work within to uplift you and raise your vibration continuously, and the vibration of those who you are serving? The Quantum Way does the heavy lifting for you and the clients you serve.

In this article, it is my intention to share a game changing “quantum” approach that will pave a pathway that enhances your results, and empowers you to become a breakthrough results oriented leader! 

The Quantum Way

This approach involves sound frequencies and immersive 24x7 tesla scalar technology so that you can actually control the frequency in the environment.  As Dr. Bruce Lipton has stated: “Sound is 100x more impactful than physical substances such as pharmaceuticals, herbs, etc.”  Dr. Bruce Lipton

Mind you, it has taken a lifetime to develop this approach.

The first step is to create a field of quantum energy that delivers 24x7 tiny packets of quantum coherent information constantly so you, your staff, clients and community can receive coherent frequency information continuously.  Many of our clients have likened this field to having 1000 shamans and energy healers doing their “magic” while you go about your day.

In the professional and scientific community, this is usually referred to as brainwave entrainment.  In the field of quantum physics, the principle is referred to as quantum entanglement.  It impacts your consciousness so that you and your clients are receiving positive uplifting frequency information continuously. 

Sound too good to be true? Wondering how on earth at this time of radical unprecedented change that you would accomplish that?

Secret 1: The foundation

Your environment consists of energy waves that carry information to your brain, body, and energy field continually. This is the field of energy that you are swimming in. Most of this field remains unseen and unheard. It is received unconsciously into your field. It is being transmitted to you day and night.  This includes discordant energy like emfs, 5G, extraneous emotional projected energies, etc.  The field that you are swimming in is largely composed of invisible particles of energy that can impact you, your staff and your clients continually. 

Secret 2: The Quantum Field of Potential & You As The Receiver

Your interaction with this field occurs primarily on an unconscious level. You have invisible radar, like an antenna, that automatically picks up information from this energy field. You are like a cell tower that picks up the radio frequency waves and transmits them; you receive this information continuously and unconsciously.

Take a moment. Close your eyes and visualize an antenna at the top of your head. This may seem a little silly at first. The antenna acts to receive information and frequencies. It is searching for a signal. Once it receives this signal, your chemistry, mood, and emotions are unconsciously altered. Does it make sense to you, then, to refer to this invisible and yet powerful field as a quantum field of invisible intelligence that continually instructs you and everyone else in your environment?

Secret 3: Energy Waves and Tiny Packets of Information

The environment consists of energy waves that carry tiny packets of information, and this very energy informs our environment, our body, and our brain continuously. Everything we can see, our homes, offices, cars and clothing we attempt to design in a way that attracts others.  And yet what is visible to the eye is actually less than one percent of our reality.  It is the subtle energy and energy field that composes and creates the other 99%, and we ignore this as though it does not exist. 

Secret 4: The Shift from the External to the Internal Search

There is very powerful evidence that confirms that it is more powerful to design and alter the energy field of your own home and office space to support transformation from addiction than to continually seek external means of transformation.  This transformation would then occur on the level of resonance that was proven by the tuning fork experiment where all of the tuning forks started vibrating at the same frequency.   When we design our environment, it raises the frequency and operates to uplift our energy field, and the energy field of those who we serve.

Secret 5: Resonant Frequency Healing

Our quantum approach has been shown to assist and accelerate addiction rehabilitation.  We have numerous case studies of people living in the quantum field  who “recover” miraculously from alcohol and drug addiction.  When you raise the vibration and eliminate some of the deeply rooted causative factors, the hold that the addiction has on the user is decreased.

This is why our clients include leaders in personal development like Tony Robbins, Marci Shimoff, Nick Ortner, Mary Morrissey and Nataly Ledwell just to mention a few.   We also have installed quantum designer fields in healing, wellness centers, float centers, throughout the world.  These powerful quantum fields act as tuning forks to automatically entrain consciousness into an inevitable state of coherent well-being. Those present effortlessly experience shifts in awareness and consciousness that are elevating, uplifting, and detoxing.

Secret 6: Entraining within Your Designer Sanctuary Center

Entrainment is a phenomenon of sound in which the powerful vibrations of one object change those of another, causing the second object to synchronize with the first. You may not be conscious of it, but we undergo entrainment frequently, adapting and shifting with different external vibrations that we are surrounded by.

The Brain as a Field of Energy

Your brain is an electrochemical organ, a nonphysical field of energy that radiates brain waves like beta, alpha, theta, gamma, and delta. Its electricity is measured in brain waves.

Could Gamma Brain Waves Be the Tuning Fork of the Divine?

Gamma brain waves have the fastest frequency, at between 30 and 100-plus Hz, and the smallest amplitude. They are associated with the feelings of blessings, oneness, and bliss reported by experienced meditators, such as monks and nuns. Gamma waves are associated with peak performance concentration and high levels of cognitive functioning.

Everyone has gamma brainwave activity, but the amount of gamma waves produced in each person varies. Low amounts of gamma brainwave activity have been linked to addiction, learning difficulties, poor memory, and impaired mental processing.

What Do Gamma Binaural Beats Do?

Gamma binaural beats are shown to positively affect our memory, and can even slow certain medical conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease. How? Well, Alzheimer’s disease is the result of plaque (beta-amyloid) building up between our neurons. Scientists believe that gamma waves positively impact our immunity by telling our immune system to attack this disease-causing plaque.


Beta, Alpha, Theta, and Delta Brain Waves

At between 13 and 40 Hz, beta is the next fastest of the brain waves. It is associated with an alert waking state, when your brain is aroused and engaged in mental activity. An example of low beta would be when you read in bed before sleep; high beta occurs around intense activity or arousal. The energy from a theme park often puts us in a state of high beta— whether it’s from being surprised on ghost train, feeling fear on the loop-the-loop, or being hungry as you line up for fairground food.

Alpha brain waves are slower, from 8 to 13 Hz. They appear when you’re relaxed but not drowsy. This is during an effortless period of alertness, such as during light meditation, reflection, daydreaming, and body-mind integration. Alpha is also experienced during light hypnosis, creative visualization, and artistic and intuitive processes, as well as when we spend time in nature. Most meditation recordings enhance entrainment with the alpha wave state.

Theta brain waves, from 4 to 8 Hz, are much slower and are associated with the first stage of sleep, drowsiness, dreaming, Quantum Sound Miracle IQUBE™ 60 deeper levels of meditation, and inspired creativity. Perhaps you can recall this from a time of creative flow, when you felt like you were almost in a trance as inspiration flowed. During theta, you have heightened imagination, increased recall, and seemingly mystical states of intuition. Have you ever felt the inspiration of a brilliant idea or vision during a long shower or on a familiar drive home? That’s theta, and it can often accompany a feeling of having lost track of time.

Delta, at 0.5 to 4 Hz, is a period of very slow brain waves. Delta occurs during deep sleep, and this is the state when you are able to “repattern,” reprogram, release, and heal. When your brain is in delta, you’re at your most receptive to the information and the frequencies emitted by the quantum sound technology. Deep delta is associated with deep trance states and processes of self-healing.

Your brain shifts between these four basic frequencies of consciousness, beta, alpha, theta, and delta. At each vibratory level, you function differently. These phases are evident during your sleep cycle. At night, you rotate through several phases of sleep. In the early stage, your brain waves slow from beta to the more relaxed alpha state.

The quantum field is composed of empty particles of information that are actually seeking to be filled or informed with new information. Let’s look at this as though it is empty space. Unfortunately, most of us fill our quantum field of unlimited potential with repetitive behaviors, thoughts, and emotions. Whether it’s a contrary habit, a dismissive response, or a hostile pattern, that negative energy exudes a downward vibratory level, an ineffectual use of our intelligence and behavior.

The unlimited quantum potential is organized and downloaded from energy to subatomic particles and then creates everything we see—the body, the mind, the environment. It actually lowers the frequency of wave patterns until it appears as a solid form.

Straight Outta Quantum

Optimizing Your Field of Genius

The quality of the energy in your environment is impacting you at every moment. To be uplifted today and for years to come, it’s important to fill your environment with positive vibrational energy waves. We’re distracted at increasing speeds—through rampant EMFs, damage to the environment, the quality of our food and air, and the conditioning of our thoughts by media and advertising. My time with Tony and Sage Robbins affirmed that one of the greatest performers in the self-development field was now consciously altering his energetic environment so that he would maintain the highest state. I knew others would soon follow.

Pain Reduction

This universal quantum intelligence informs the field and everything in it. Through positive information provided to your cells, your brain, and your consciousness, an upgrade in vibration occurs. Across every aspect of your life and business, an uplift in vibration manifests at a physical and subconscious level.  This upgrade can allow the shift away from addiction to occur spontaneously and allow wellness and wellbeing to last for longer periods of time. 


Mind-blowing, isn’t it? That waves of pure energy, sound, and light can infinitely improve your life and the life of those you intend to serve.  My point in sharing these stories is that this quantum field can be designed to support your highest quantum potential and to improve your clients through the healing process. Through tapping into the universal intelligence of quantum theory and entrainment, a portal opens for enhanced wellness and neuroplasticity benefits. It’s a transformation that is science based, and yet the results are often perceived as miracles.

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