Is God Necessary

If God is:

            It is …  a Reality that has no beginning and has no end. Infinite! 

            It is …  an Immaterial Reality that has no moving parts. Spirit!

            It is …  an All Present Reality since there is no other reality before it. Omnipresent!

            It is …  a Self-Conscious Reality, profoundly aware of Itself as Everything. Omniscient!

            It is …  a Creative Reality since this material universe exists and it came from no-thing. Omnipotent!

            It is …  All There Is: there is no “was” before, nor “will be” after It; It encompasses ALL Reality. Transcendent!

            It is …  as its very essence, a unilateral overflow of Itself, manifest as reality. Immanent!

            It is …  a Caring Reality since It already is Everything, doesn’t need anything, and has created something. Unconditional!

            It is …  without any want or expectation; any response is not only unnecessary, it is irrelevant. Love!


            As I am  …      loved into existence by this Source, perhaps I’m meant to enjoy It!

            As I am  …      sustained in existence by this Source, perhaps I’m meant to trust It!

            As I am  …      made from the Divine DNA, perhaps “image and likeness” is more than good poetry and speaks of actual ontology!

            I know  …        and know that I know!

            I decide  …      and these are free choices!

            As I am  …      co-creator of my life, determined by my choices and actions, perhaps my invitation is to:

                                    Know the flow of Source, in the flow of Source, as the flow of Source …

                                    through daily intentional consciousness!

                                    Decide to respond by choosing to align my actions in harmony with and  emulating the action of this Source Overflow … through unconditional compassionate actions!

My attention is my thought and attitude stance that invites guidance; it reveals and fosters my intimate communion with this Source.

My intention is my willingness that opens my spirit to accept and consent to this guidance–flow; it reveals and fosters my inherent union with this Source.

My practice realizes my oneness as the overflow of this Source.

The heart of my practice is to foster this oneness to more effectively help others real-ize their reality of oneness; their invitation to action, to be one with and in harmony as this Overflow.

Perhaps our human journey is to real-Ize our origin—the recognition that:

            We come from Love as love;

            We real-ize this as we are loving. 

Isn’t this the ancient Wisdom of each and every spiritual Tradition?

            “Love the Originating Source!”

            “Love one another as It loves us!”

To love “God” is unnecessary for “God’s” sake – the Flow is unilateral; 

To love “God” is absolutely necessary for my sake – the positive affirmation changes me – allows me to drop the mask of the false self!

To love one another is necessary for my sake – that is the Flow;

To love one another is vitally necessary for our sake – the compassionate action actual-I-zes us – allowing us to real-I-ze our true self!

My behavior reveals my actual belief about Reality.

My relationship with others reflects my actual relationship with Reality.

Our conscious decision is                               our Faith.

Our compassionate action is                          our Hope.

Our way of life is                                             our Love.

Our fidelity to our practice is                           our Trust.

Our real-ization of oneness is                         our Communion and our Union.

Our actual-ization of true self is                      our Invitation.

Our compassionate action for others is          our Response.

I am by Nature …

            … love!

            … made for loving!

My lifetime journey is …

            … to discover this Truth!

            … to become who I really am!

Life is not a question to be answered; it is a journey to be walked.

The journey is not a task to be accomplished; it is a process to be experienced.

The process requires our effort as all that is important; the results are none of our business.

The results confirm our role - to show up, to discover, to ask for guidance, and to be willing to do the next indicated action based on universal human principles.








Our life is an invitation.

Our perspective is humility.

Our attitude is gratitude.

Our response is “Thank You!”

Our answer is “YES!”

Our action is love loving!

I am and manifest as Love Loving! 

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