Kit of Spiritual Tools

Our body has received the gift of physical sobriety: a product of Grace and our cooperation in the Fellowship.

We are detached from harmful substances and have been healed physically.

Our mind has been given emotional sobriety: a product of Grace supported by our application of the Steps.

We are detached from our delusions, illusions and obsessions and have been healed emotionally; we are returned to sanity, balance and a sense of comfort.

Our will has been given spiritual sobriety: a product of Grace supported by our turning and willingness to be turned in Service.

We are detached from our innate selfishness, self-centeredness and have been healed spiritually; we are practicing our way of life – a practice of other/other-centeredness.

Step 1              We experience our powerlessness.

Steps 2 & 3     We begin to be aware of constant contact with a Power deep down inside.

Steps 4 – 10    We begin to have the obstacles to Power eliminated, or at least reduced.

Step 11            We begin to improve our conscious contact; we have a practice.

Step 12            We begin to enlarge our spiritual life; we practice service and principles in every aspect of our life.

We have a kit of spiritual tools: Fellowship, Steps, Service. Am I using this kit?

  1. What in my personal spiritual life needs improvement?
  1. What specific actions will I take to improve it?
  1. What are my specific commitments?
  1. How will I be accountable for these commitments?
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