Tapping into your ‘ENERQI’

Lets be honest…

Many of us have moments when we overindulge; then, we beat ourselves up knowing that we can do better - or more - when it comes to our eating healthy, exercising, or making good lifestyle choices.

Qi (pronounced  ‘Chee’) is the life force, or vital energy, that circulates and lives in us all. Think of your Qi as an electromagnetic current that vibrates and circulates at all times, surrounding your body not unlike a grid.

‘EnerQi’ is a term I coined after seeing patients who had good strong Qi, yet still felt chronically stressed, nervous, sickly, and had difficulty sleeping or maintaining a healthy weight.

For example, I would often see strong athletes with a strong Qi who had high blood pressure, recurring situational depression or addictive challenges. I came to the conclusion that their symptoms were part of lifestyle choices affecting their health and energy.  EnerQi is the Qi our internal body produces. It is the outward vibration created by our daily lifestyle choices.

Rather than feel guilty or overthink last night’s intemperate actions or this mornings breakfast indulgence, make a decision to make a better, healthier choice -- one that supports your best empowered EnerQi vibration -- the very next time the occasion presents itself.

In caring for your EnerQI vibration, make it a choice at a time This will, over time, become a day at a time; a week at a time. Eventually, choosing healthy habits will feel like the only realistic choice. Really.

Here’s how to start a program today… easy breezy.

1. Be totally honest with your self.

2. Set your intention, what are the things you want to change in your life?

3.  Examine the contents of your refrigerator and kitchen pantry.  Are the contents healthy, fresh, and free - or mostly free - from added chemicals? What is the ratio of processed foods to newly picked organic natural foods? Choose seasonal variety in your food purchases and daily eating choices. Snack on a variety of raw nuts and include healthy oils in your diet.

4. Drink 4-6 glasses of filtered water daily. Include fresh organic fruit and vegetable juice or smoothies at least once a day. Add ‘super green’ powder food to your beverages. If you are in the habit of drinking soda or diet soda, begin to wean yourself now. Limit your caffeine consumption.

5. Assess your social drinking behaviors, keeping in mind that less is always more. If your habit is daily and immoderate, you may need some help. The same goes for recreational drug use.

6. Schedule intentional exercise 3-5 times a week.  Movement is a priority. Vary your workout routine. Make stretching a integral part of your ongoing exercise practice.

7. Pay attention to your self-talk. Are you thinking and speaking in empowering ways. Are your thoughts uplifting? Do your words enable positive actions and reactions in yourself and others?

8. It has been said that prayer is for asking, while meditation is for listening. A meditation practice quiets the mind and allows cloudy questions to become clear answers. There are many ways to find your way into a practice. There is no one size fits all approach. Find your way, make meditation a priority.

9. Sleep really is beauty rest. Don’t underestimate your body’s need to recharge. Seven to eight hours is within normal range for an adult. Healthy cell and immune regeneration occurs while the body sleeps and the mind rests.  Create a tranquil bedroom environment.

10. Make time for healthy intimacy and sexuality. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Create safety for yourself and others.

Show up for your experience by being present with whomever you are engaged with. Communicate and listen. Treat others the way you would love to be treated, always.

11. Spend time outdoors whenever possible. Fresh air oxygenates the cells of our body. The sights, sounds and smells of nature stimulate feel-good hormones in our brains. Practice Taking deep long languid belly breaths while you are walking. I have not met one single person who does not feel better after a walk in nature.

12. Have fun, laugh and enjoy your life. If you are not taking pleasure for the most part in your everyday experiences then change is in order. Life is what you make of it. You get to create your reality.

13. Make a point to schedule regular ongoing Acupuncture treatments. Acupuncture needles carry with them their own electromagnetic charge (since they are metal) when placed strategically by a knowledgeable professional. The magnetic pull of the needles balances and realigns your body’s Qi, blood and oxygen flow. I liken acupuncture to taking the car in to the shop for a tune up; it always runs better.

14. Live in Integrity. Do what you say you are going to do, when you say you are going to do it. Tell the truth. Be your word.

15. Remember that all things change. Life is like the tides; it offers up a constant ebb and flow. Nothing remains the same forever. If you don’t get things right today, keep moving forward tomorrow. There will always be another opportunity to create anew.


Sheri Laine, L.AC is a Diplomat of Acupuncture. She is a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist and nutritionist with a focus on Integrative Lifestyle Medicine. Her new book is titled Living The EnerQi Connection. She is a frequent speaker at national conferences, writes a column for Counselor Magazine and is a frequent contributor to RecoveryView.com.Visit her at www.BalancedEnerQi.com

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