When is GOD Powerless?

There may be such a Reality that we call GOD. This word is our western culture’s historical symbol. Be very clear, the word is not the Reality. The word is a symbol for this Reality – that which cannot be named. Let’s call it “It.”

If It is, It cannot change. 

If It is, It had no beginning, will have no end – Infinite. It is always just fully Present, 100% as It is. It is equivalent to All Reality – by Its very Nature.

It is always what It is:

-          Unconditional – It is/has Everything.

-          Creative – This is our deduction based on our being here.

-          Loving – We conclude there is no “reason” for anything to be – especially human beings that act so contrary to their very nature. We make quite a hot mess of everything. Thus our natural conclusion is: “It must care” that we are. 

Perhaps the Creator thought we might enjoy existing. Since the Creator is already Everything, It doesn’t need anything. Our existence has come about for our sake, and our sake alone.

That is the definition of the purest form of love – an action performed without any benefit to the initiator and essentially for the benefit of the recipient.

We are as a result of Its ecstasy; an overflow of Unconditional, Creative Loving.

It does not reward; It does not punish. It just continually loves. It is Absolute Loving Reality.

The two unique functions that determine us as human are that:

1.    We can know and know that we know. We can transcend our self and watch our self. We have awareness, consciousness.

2.    We can choose making completely free decisions based on our will power. We have free will. We can choose to be in alignment with what we know is the “right” action, the correct behavior based on principle, the healthy behavior that’s in the best interest of my self and others. Or we can choose to take actions based on a reaction to circumstances, immediate gratification of one of our five senses or our narcissistic ego – completely contrary to the interests of everybody, including being quite damaging, long term, to ourselves. We are the only entity of nature that can choose to be out of alignment with its own nature.

God – the Reality represented by this symbol – is powerless to be not-God, i.e., It’s necessity is: Unconditional, Creative, Love.

God is powerless to “help” humans be human. If we have “free will,” it would not be truly free if any other power could influence it and interfere with our free “choice” – conscious or unconscious!

At the same time, my logic and my experience show me that although I am not God, I am not not-God. I am like a wave in the ocean. A wave has a unique but temporal existence. It is not the ocean; but it is not not the ocean.

There is Grace = the very life-essence of Reality; there is my choice = willingness or willfulness. There is some mysterious Place where these two realities touch – an alchemaic axis that turns willfulness into willingness. We call these moments:





                        Spiritual Experience

                        Spiritual Awakening

Each of these words connotes the same experience of being brought through a process of change, suddenly or slowly, that cannot be produced by our effort but that usually will not happen without it.

If we have been on some sort of spiritual path or human development effort, we can pause and look in the rear view mirror or back over our shoulder at our efforts. We realize that our path shows us that our current life is bigger and better than our contribution to it.

Perhaps, we live in the Loving milieu of this Unconditional, Creative Energy. Perhaps, we are soaked, even saturated, with the Divine. Perhaps, it is our plasma.

Perhaps, the Source that generates us is the Source that sustains us. Perhaps we are God manifesting as us.

As the mystics exclaim:

                        God is closer to me than I am to myself.

                        In between God and me there is no between. 

                        God is closer to me than my very breath.

There is no place there is not God.

God is my very breath. (Spiros is the Greek word for breath, and the root word for spirit.)

Yes, God is powerless – gifting us with and respecting our free will, our decisions, our choices.

Yes, God is All Power – the magnetic field force that draws us ever closer despite our obstinance, willfulness, and outright defiance.

How do we solve the riddle: which comes first Grace or willingness?

My meditation on this conundrum produced a poem:

                        I was taken to a place of willingness = pure gift.

                        I was willing to be taken = pure choice.

It does not solve the mystery, but it allows me to be comforted and satisfied.

I acknowledge God as my Source. 

I consent to God as my Sustenance.

The Gift of Life is an invitation to alignment: 

                        My response is: Thank You!

                        My answer is: Yes!!

                        My life is: Fiat!!!



HerbK 2017



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