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Addiction Recovery and Self-Love

To unlearn our core false beliefs, to look inward at what is keeping us locked in unhealthy patterns, we need to create safe...

T J Woodward
27 Sep, 2020

Addiction: Covid-19 & Relapse

Covid-19 has brought a new set of parameters to us. With Self-isolation, no in-person support networks , living, working –...

Dr. Louise Stanger, , LCSW,...
10 Sep, 2020

Resilient Recovery - The ability to self-regulate...

In working with peak performing athletes I found that in preparing them for high pressure situations the more they practiced the...

Dr. Stephen Sideroff
08 Jul, 2020

Commitment is what transforms a promise into...

“Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality. It is the words that speak boldly of your intentions. And the actions...

Candy Finnigan
07 Jun, 2020

Why You Need to Clear Stress from Your Path to...

Recovery is defined in the dictionary as “a return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength.” And while we’re...

Tzeli Triantafillou
04 Jun, 2020

To My Client in Recovery

I hope you stay clean and sober. I may not have a crystal ball, but I do know your life will be better with sobriety. With...

Dr. Alia Kaneaiakala
06 Mar, 2018

Partnering for Recovery

As late summer sun slanted through the many windows of Barbara’s elegant seaside condo, Richard cued up another Shubert CD....

Ruth Riddick
08 Dec, 2017


When a fleeting little smile lit up his gray face he was a handsome dude and people would like him. To him it was random – he...

Jasmine Rogg, MFT
15 Jul, 2017

The Rehab Honeymooners

“How do you know when an alcoholic lets go? By the claw marks” – anonymous Her dad was useless, unpleasant, and then he...

Jasmin Rogg, ,
19 Apr, 2017

Better Sex Through Sober Dating—Yes You Can!

Sometimes life is full of surprises, good few weeks ago,I had a wonderful writer for contacted me about an article she was...

Patricia O'Gorman, PhD
19 Apr, 2017

Celebrating Full Recovery from Addiction PART 1:...

In Part One of this interview through New Harbinger Publications, Scott Kiloby shares his personal journey of addiction, recovery...

Scott Kiloby,
19 Apr, 2017

Stepping into your Personal Power

A challenge to stepping into your personal power, manifesting your destiny, your mission and purpose in this lifetime, is the...

Dr. Joan Hangarter, ,
19 Apr, 2017

How Does the Program Really Work?

My previous article was “When Did Meetings Become the Program?” This article addresses my understanding and experience of how...

Herb Kaighan
25 Feb, 2017

Can Addiction Rehabilitation Be Holistic,...

  Hopefully your rehabilitation program is operating within a framework that is: 1. Helping your patients identify the areas...

Ricardo Whyte,
13 Dec, 2016

Three Short Stories: A Day in the Life

“Christmas Present for Mom” All year long it’s business as usual. Mom works really hard to keep the balance and peace...

Ray Montella, , MFT
10 Dec, 2016

A New Look at the Origins of Addiction

    Where does addiction come from? The answer has deep implications for treatment, obviously. It\'s my belief that addiction...

Rosemary Ellsworth Brown
12 Sep, 2016

HerbK: Personal transformation around the world...

Herbert Kaighan, a 12-Step enthusiast and contributor, has been activating the spirit of recovery in people since the 1980s. His...

Herb Kaighan
15 Aug, 2016

Are We Just Talking To Ourselves?

 “Try not to get caught up with the endless argument about whether alcoholism is a disease or a bad habit. If alcohol is a...

Ruth Riddick
08 Jun, 2016

The End Game We All Want: A Call to

In January of this year, Johann Hari published an article that went viral: “The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered,...

Greg Liotta, MSW
05 May, 2015

Relapse Prevention: Finding Engagement,...

The Fact of Relapse According to National Institute on Drug Abuse, relapse rates for drug addiction are around an astounding...

Saleem Noorali
11 Mar, 2015

Is There Life After Meth? Addictions Redefined

“The Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With The First Step.”  Lao Tzu Addict, from the Latin addicare: to favor; from...

Kristina Diener
11 Mar, 2015

Does Race Matter in the Rooms?

Alcoholics Anonymous has no opinion on outside issues; hence the name ought never be drawn into public controversy. The...

Greg Liotta, MSW
12 Jan, 2015

Where Are All The Black People: Diversity & the...

\"Do I have to have an open mind on this one?” He’s one of the brightest, emotionally intelligent men I know.   A force...

Greg Liotta, MSW
14 Nov, 2014

Nourishing and Toxic Attitudes in Recovery

Recovery capital is a relatively new concept in the field of recovery. Let’s define this concept. Our recovery capital is...

Allen Berger,
30 Aug, 2014
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