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CCAPP Leadership pledges to bring Industry,...

By: Sherry Daley, CCAPP Government Affairs and Corporate Communications Director As California\'s largest advocacy organization...

Sherry Daley
28 Jul, 2017

Open Letter to AA GSO Leadership and AA Board of...

Atlanta was my first International AA Conference; we celebrated AA’s 80th birthday. At the same time, my family and I...

Herb Kaighan
13 Sep, 2016

Strength in Numbers

The substance use treatment industry has developed very quickly since the advent of the 2008 Mental Health Parity and Addiction...

Stampp Corbin, MBA
08 Sep, 2016

What's Wrong with Rehab?

The rehab industry is currently under a microscope. It’s not a super high tech microscope. More like an old school clunky...

Reef Karim,
15 Aug, 2016

Are We Just Talking To Ourselves?

“Try not to get caught up with the endless argument about whether alcoholism is a disease or a bad habit. If alcohol is a...

SuperUser Account
03 Jun, 2016

Addiction is a Moral Issue

Here’s an interesting scenario: While shopping in the local grocery store, located in a strip mall in the mid-Cape Cod area, I...

SuperUser Account
03 Jun, 2016

The End Game We All Want: A Call to

In January of this year, Johann Hari published an article that went viral: “The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered,...

Greg Liotta, MSW
05 May, 2015

Has Aetna Declared War on Out of Network...

Until recently did you consider Aetna as reliable a partner as Cigna and United Health Care? Remember when Aetna paid your out...

Joan Borsten
11 Mar, 2015

Where Are All The Black People: Diversity & the...

\"Do I have to have an open mind on this one?” He’s one of the brightest, emotionally intelligent men I know.   A force...

Greg Liotta, MSW
14 Nov, 2014

Movement against a dangerous Blue Cross policy...

In the last few years, a faulty health insurance policy has cost several addicts and mentally ill individuals their lives.  ...

Samira Noorali,
14 Nov, 2014

What Could Have Been

2014 saw Congress and federal agencies pay more attention to substance abuse and addiction than any other time in recent...

Andrew Kessler
30 Aug, 2014

February 9-14 is Children of Alcoholics (COA)...

COA Week is a campaign led by Nacoa (The National Association for Children of Alcoholics) to raise awareness of children affected...

Josie Herndon
10 Feb, 2014

The DSM-5 Is Changing the Addiction...

As clinical professionals everywhere welcome the fifth installment of the American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) Diagnostic...

Dr. Mohammad,
05 Feb, 2014

Deadly Checks from Blue Cross

The new policy took effect in August 2011: Blue Cross/Blue Shield adopted a national policy of sending payments due to...

Joan Borsten
04 Nov, 2013

Thanksgiving Reflections: Ending the War on Drugs

Thanksgiving Reflections: Ending the “War on Drugs” By Naya Arbiter This Thanksgiving might we reflect not only on...

Naya Arbiter
30 Oct, 2013

Deadly Checks from Blue Cross

The new policy took effect in August 2011: Blue Cross/Blue Shield adopted a national policy of sending payments due to...

Joan Borsten
03 Oct, 2013

To Advocate or Not to Advocate?


John O. Whitaker, Jr., CATC II
31 Aug, 2013

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