How Can The Angels Help You?

Angels are powerful partners, especially during times of great change. But most people don’t know to call on their heavenly companions (that would be more than happy to assist)! I am blessed to have a divine connection with the angelic realm of Archangel Gabriel and host a weekly Facebook show, DRAMA TO DHARMA, where we have conversations about daily life and support people in their personal spiritual journeys. I have learned much from them and am happy to share this knowledge with you.

First let’s define the terms “Angels” and “Archangels”.

The word “angel” is derived from the Greek term angelos, which means “messenger” or “envoy”. Angels are the messengers of the divine.

Archangels are at the top of the angel hierarchy. In Greek the word archein means “to be the first, stand at the top, to rule.” Archangels are creations of unity.

Both Angels and Archangels are in oneness, love, and non-duality. They were created by the divine and are not matter- they are more like light. Because they are not solid matter they can move around freely and support humans.

Each of us has a Guardian angel that personally stands at our side. They are individual companions and protectors for one human being. Like all angels, the guardian angels are very powerful and can support us with our spiritual development. They can help us learn our earth lessons (this is a school after all) in a pleasant way. They create a link between the divine force and the earthly- material world, between the Creator and the Creation. The main tasks of the archangels are:

  1. As divine messengers, they translate divine impulses into action. You can ask them for assistance in any of your projects.
  2. To make it possible to God to be experienced.
  3. To Accompany humans on the path to unity consciousness.

The Archangels make it possible for us to comprehend and experience the principles of the Divine. They guide us on the path to becoming conscious. They help us remember the divine core of our Being, while strengthening it for us in the material field.

I have been blessed to bring in the consciousness and grace of Archangel Gabriel. The energy has blessed me in so many ways! I want everyone to know and benefit from these teams of unseen Beings. I want you to connect with your angelic team as you remember your soul’s original connection.

Your Archangels and angels are always at your side, no matter if we perceive them or not. They accompany us, and they do not intervene unless you request assistance. They do not judge- they allow us our free will; accept our decisions and the path we choose. But the moment we ask our team for help, they are there guiding us to see the benefit from every earthly experience. They can raise your vibration and help you on your journey if you just ask.

YOU can experience Daily Guidance and Support from your team! Please join me for insights at or on my website, . I am happy to help you as you explore the higher energies of grace and Love that is available to you.

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