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Dear Friends and Colleagues: 

All of us here at RecoveryView.com hope you had a lovely Easter and are enjoying the lovely new beginning that Spring always offers.  With the change of seasons comes the change of RecoveryView.com’s location! 

Both RecoveryView.com and Addiction Therapeutic Services Intensive Outpatient Program are almost moved into our new office at One Mirage Plaza in beautiful Rancho Mirage.  The facility has a great training room which our CEU Division will be using for programs for our authors as well as for our monthly networking luncheons.  Also, ATS staff are always excited to talk to you about what we offer to adults and adolescents, so come visit us for more information about our clinical services in Ste. 109, or visit our administrative offices in Ste. 200.  

A few weeks ago we attended the Creative Change Conference and are always proud to join in work of Carol Teitelbaum and others who run this 501(c)(3).  For several years, they have been presenting workshops on male child abuse and how to heal from sexual trauma among other bold and necessary initiatives. 

Our own conferences are coming up soon!   June 21-22 marks our first ever Admissions & Marketing Symposium in Nashville! Click here to register http://www.amsymposium.com/. Of course, you may already know that we’ve been running this conference four consecutive years now in Los Angeles.  The next one is October 18-19 at The Luxe!

The Second Annual Executive C-Suite 1-Day Symposium hosted by RecoveryView.com is coming up on September 1, 2017.  This conference is also the sponsor for our April 2017 Edition of RecoveryView, which is a unique one for us and features several brand new authors. 

Jasmin Rogg M.A., M.F.T, has really given us something to think about in her creative piece, “Rehab Honeymooners.”  Getting into the mind of an addict and her “Dude,” as Rogg calls him, helps us to see how addictions from substances can easily become process addictions when we’re not looking. This piece makes it much easier to empathize and much harder to judge.

Patricia O’Gorman, Ph.D., offers some much-needed tips for women in her article, “Better Sex Through Sober Dating—Yes You Can!”  Dr. O’Gorman gets right to the nitty-gritty and answers the questions many women have about improving their sex lives when they are in recovery. She also argues that the “girly thoughts,” women may be experiencing are destructive to their sense of self-worth and self-esteem.  Read this article to become more aware of them! 

Elizabeth Irias, M.A., M.F.T. asks a simple question of readers in her article “Prioritizing Patient Care for Profit.”  Are you streamlining and making the most of your time with patients through proper documentation and clinical services?  Read it carefully, line-by-line, to see if you really are doing everything it takes to improve what you offer at your treatment center.

Hyla Cass, M.D., in “Balancing Biochemistry for Addiction Recovery,” takes us back to the basics - the science behind addiction.  We often get caught up in the many theories of addiction and forget that there is a biochemical basis to what’s going on in the brain of an addicted person. Sit back and enjoy this piece which explains step-by-step what happens to an addict when they use, and how they can bring balance back into their system. 

Candy Barone, CEO, tells us about “The Wonky Side of Energy” in this edition.  Through a story of personal exploration, Barone shares with us how she became more aware of how energies that come from unknown sources affect us all!  Read up to find out more about Barone’s personal discovery, and how you can use your power of choice to improve your energetic experience.

“Celebrating Full Recovery from Addiction Part One:  An Interview with Mindfulness Author Scott Kiloby” through New Harbinger Publications is a great introduction to Scott Kiloby, J.D. who has often provided enlightening content for RecoveryView.com. This part introduces us to Kiloby on a personal level, and builds the foundation for us to understand how he came into a state of wise recovery and wise living. 

Joan Hangarter, D.C., returns to RecoveryView.com with another wisdom-filled article called “Stepping Into Your Personal Power.”  Through her personal story she tells readers exactly how it was that she shed the old rituals that were keeping her stuck and entered a life of purpose and meaning. This is a perfect follow up to “Does it make your heart sing?” so if you’re seeking out a new paradigm for figuring out how to becoming your new higher frequency self, read this piece!

American Addiction Treatment Association wants to help keep you out of trouble. Read “Avoid Fraud: AATA’s Patient Financial Responsibility Toolkit Answers Call from the Addiction Treatment Industry” to find out exactly what problems related to insurance claims your treatment center could run into. 

Rev. DeJeanne Taylor, M.F.T., contributes to this edition an article on self-care, particularly the self-care of prayer.  Rev. Taylors “Recovery and Self-Care for Women on the Front Line” shows women and really, all counselors and caseworkers how prayer (and other forms of self-care) can improve their experience in treatment as well as the experience of their clients. 

We can always count on Joan Borsten to report to us from the front lines when it comes to the pay-to-patient dilemma.  Has your facility lost money as a result of insurance companies paying benefits directly to patients? If yes, then her article “Does pay to patient cost california $100M per year in lost tax revenues?” is for you. 

Our Featured Members this month are LifeREStyle and American Addiction Treatment Association.

The Featured piece on LifeREStyle brings out the details of nutrition and it’s importance when it comes to meaningful and long-lasting recovery. LifeREstyle focuses on many natural modes of recovery like exercise, earthing and more, but read this article in order to really zoom in on the power of food. 

American Addiction Treatment Association, our other Featured Member is doing an amazing social good by providing the support that the Addiction Recovery industry deeply needs right now at an incredibly low price.  Read the article to understand how you can benefit from the experts at AATA and how you can access the resources that they have put together for facility owners and professionals just like you.

The Current Edition contains two books by our valued members.  The first is Stress Pandemic, 9 Natural Steps To Break the Cycle of Stress & Thrive by Paul Huljich, the founder of LifeREstyle.  What makes this book remarkable is that it suggests that you can recover from practically anything using simple, natural tools like exercise, nutrition and affirmations. To learn the remaining 6 steps of how you can “REstyle” your life, read up!  Our second book is Rev. Kevin T. Coughlin’s Addictions: What All Parents Need to Know to Survive the Drug Epidemic.  This is a necessary primer for all families. There are many many drugs out there with names that most parents will not catch onto, tons of confusing street lingo, and of course, confounding behaviors exhibited by individuals addicted to drugs. Buy this book to understand what’s going on with your child! 

Have you been following Dr. Reef Karim’s online show, Reef Madness, where behavioral health meets entertainment? We’ve been featuring Episodes 1 through 3 on our site for your convenience.  In case you aren’t caught up on the episodes of this informative show, just look to the Reef Madness trailer on our home page to catch a glimpse. 

Finally, our most important shout out is to our authors. Without you, none of this would be possible. Have you ever seen such a variety of original content and resources for behavioral health professionals on one site?  We are genuinely grateful for this abundance of education and information… so thank you! 

In Love and Light,

Josie and Jim Herndon

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