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Dear Friends and Colleagues:

The Southern California Desert has heated up for our sizzling summer edition of Recoveryview, but we’re keeping cool at our new offices in Rancho Mirage. We are now located at One Mirage Place. That’s 69730 Highway 111, Suites 109 and 200, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270.  Do come visit us and take a tour of this beautiful new location! This is a perfect space for healing and training.

Our Spotlight article this month contains very important information for all treatment providers.  “HEALTH NET:  U.S. CIVIL RIGHTS OFFICE HAS OPENED AN INVESTIGATION INTO ALLEGED HIPAA VIOLATIONS” by RecoveryView.com contributor Joan Borsten details the current situation with Health Net and reports that the Department of Insurance may require the company to pay some addictions treatment providers that were taken off the audit list.

Sometimes fiction is exactly what you need for a reality check.  Take a look at Jasmin Rogg’s, MFT, short story, “Ollie” to understand how people get to the point of such resistance that they turn away from hope. Hopefully, this will give people in recovery exactly what they require to understand how their mind is controlling them, rather than them controlling their mind.

Rev. Kevin T. Coughlin, Ph.D., DCC, DDVA, DLC, DD, NCIP, NCAMP, IMAC emphasizes the need for recovery professionals to get properly trained in APA and AMA techniques in his article “AMA /APA Techniques in Addiction Treatment.”  This piece presents the next logical step for many professionals in treatment. After all, we want clients to start and finish treatment, don’t we?

“The Gift of forgiveness and love” is Dr. Jessica Rodriguez’s latest contribution to RecoveryView.com. This is a heart-warming article that will bring show you the power of forgiveness to have a more fulfilling life experience.

Have you noticed people are trying harder and harder to improve their moods and feel more balanced and healthy? Well, maybe the solution is to stop trying and instead… to start sleeping! Read Sifu Matthew’s article “The Science of Mastering Sleep” to learn exactly how to sleep for a better life.

Scott Kiloby, in part two of his interview through Harbinger Publications, offers his perspective on what addiction really means. He also takes apart some of the other language we use in the recovery field like the terms “relapse,” “moderation” and “abstinence.” Read “Celebrating Full Recovery from Addiction Part Two:  An Interview with Mindfulness Author Scott Kiloby” to see whether his take on traditional recovery concepts can be beneficial to your or your clients.

Joan Hangarter, D.C. has provided yet another inspiring piece based on her life. This one, “Setting goals to change your life,” is all about getting clear, getting specific and creating exactly the life you want.

Herb Kaighan’s piece “Is God Necessary?” is creatively written and easy to understand. This is Kaighan’s gift, presenting ordinary words in a unique and impactful way. Read this piece to gain a general sense of a deep spiritual concept, then read it again! And again! You will gain something new each time.

Paul Steinbroner takes the “journey” of recovery very seriously. Read “Called from Darkness Production Log: Entry #1” to learn more about Steinbroner’s exploration of the psychospiritual component of recovery as he travels to several states and treatment centers to create a documentary.

Our first Featured Member this month is Dr. Louise Stanger.  The interview in this edition reveals Dr. Stanger’s passion for storytelling as well as integrating intergenerational activities into both daily life and treatment.

Our second Featured Member, Rev. Kevin T. Coughlin, Ph.D. shares with us that love is the secret to healing from addiction and offers advice on how we can engage in activities to lead us to feel that love. The interview also explores how appropriate treatment and aftercare can work together to create lasting recovery.

Our featured books this month are Dr. Hyla Cass’s The Addicted Brain and How to Break Free and Herb Kaighan’s Practicing The Here And Now, Being Intentional with Step 11 Using Prayer & Meditation to Work All the Steps.  Dr. Cass’s book is the perfect guide to finding balance and recovery through nutrition, exercise, supplements and more. Her many years of experience and research reassure readers that the methods she’s talking about are proven and will definitely catalyze important changes in the addicted brain. Kaighan’s book takes Step 11 and demystifies it! It shows readers what it means to pray and meditate and what it means to connect with the higher self.  If anyone has ever found Step 11 to be a bit nebulous, this is book is for you.

I’m spending time this summer writing as well. Some of you know about my special spiritual connection with the amazing Archangel Gabriel. Gabriel and I are writing a sacred book of his teachings. Our hope is to complete the first draft by my 50th (ouch) birthday in Feb 2017. We’re planning a writers and professionals spiritual journey to Machu Picchu, Peru at that time, see the banner posting on the RV website. I hope you can join us! 

Stay cool and have a fun summer!


Josie Ramirez-Herndon
Founder/Chief Editor

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