Letter from the Editor May 2021

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

In the spirit of honoring National Mental Health Awareness Month, RecoveryView is excited to announce our special 56th Edition and LIVE show!  

One of the many benefits of summer is the positive effect it can have on people’s mental health including raising Vitamin D levels due to sun exposure, which just makes us feel happier. Join us tonight in raising awareness on this issue as our authors share strategies for attaining mental health and wellness. Our goal at RecoveryView is to provide resources to help promote your mental health and support you during your recovery.

As you read the articles, our authors are here as a community to support you with any questions. You can reach out if any of the topics resonate with you, and all our authors are accessible via email. 

The RECOVERY VIEW LIVE  monthly show, is Sunday, May 16th, at 7:00pm PST, where I’ll be interviewing a panel of our esteemed guest authors:

  • Dr. Saf Buxy, (our Spotlight Book Author), a British Human & Behavioral Coach, Addiction & Trauma Specialist, TV Presenter, Author, Motivational Speaker, and Radio Host. Saf will be joining us live from London and will discuss his new autobiography: “Out of the Madness: A Message of Hope.”
  • Dr. Louise Stanger, Founder of All About Interventions, an Internationally Renowned Clinician, Interventionist, and expert on mental health. Louise’s article is about: “Youth in Crisis: Mental Health in America.”
  • T.J. Woodward, a revolutionary Recovery Expert, Inspirational Speaker, Addiction Treatment Specialist, and the creator of The Conscious Recovery Method. TJ’s newest article is entitled: “The Power of Gratitude.”

WATCH the LIVE Show Here!

This special edition’s contributing authors also include: Mark Greenberg, Tzeli Triantafillou, Sheri Laine, Larry Smith, and Scott Kiloby.  

Please peruse all our authors’ articles on our home page and visit their profiles to learn more.  

Enjoy this edition!  Check out our event calendar  to join us LIVE!    

Remember you are safe, worthy, free and deserving of all your greatness!

Wishing you a joyous and healthy Summer!


Josie Herndon

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