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Letter from the Editor Recovery Month 2018

In the spirit of National Recovery Month, RecoveryView is proud to feature our annual  Recovery Edition! We are happy to announce, we will be releasing future editions based on themes in the spirit of recovery!

I’d like to dedicate this special edition to two beautiful men we lost this week. Tony Marquez a special friend of mine and wonderful human being. Tony worked at Hope by the Sea among other treatment centers through the years. Tony was a marketer extraordinaire! Christopher Kennedy Lawford, author and recovery advocate. Christopher was passionate about recovery and families suffering from addiction. Both of these men are angels guiding us all to continue with their work and legacy.

We would like to thank our edition sponsor, Satori Center for Wellbeing, which is now open in California and accepting new clients. Satori offers unique services to help integrate and align the physical body with your true spiritual self.

We would like to extend our gratitude to our amazing authors who have contributed to our Recovery Edition. We hope you immensely enjoy their informative and deeply engaging articles, and thank you for your continued support. Thank you to our Creative Editor, Anna Ponomarenko.

Below is a brief description of each article.

In our spotlight article, we bring to you a piece written by Wendell Potter, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Tarbell.org. In How Big Pharma Buys Goodwill: Set Up a Foundation, Stage Media Events, Please Politicians, the author examines how pharmaceutical companies can profit from a PR crisis.

If you are looking for more understanding and clarity about the sober living industry, then look no further than this piece by Lillie Singh. In Sober Living Regulations: A Look at Trending Legislation discusses why federal, state, and local governments have been slow to regulate the sober living industry and explains what has already been put into place.

In Joanna Conti’s contribution, How Do Your Treatment Completion Rates Compare?, takes a look into outcome rates and why they are important to the industry. Learn more by understanding the statistics behind the research and how treatment centers can improve.

In Understanding Trauma and Substance Abuse, Matthew Boyle discusses where trauma comes from and why it is vital to provide in tandem with addiction treatment.

Becky Flood explains current challenges our current young adult populations faces in The Unique Needs of Emerging Adults in Our Addiction Rehab Program. Because adolescence means a time of self-caring, rather than having to take care of others, it also comes with a lot of confused feelings about identity, and purpose in life. The article paints a vivid connection between current society pressures, the chemical imbalances of a young mind, and the value of specific treatment methods.

In the captivating article, Stress, Resiliency and the Path Toward Spiritual Awakenings, Brian Luke Seaward uncovers how stress impacts us on a spiritual level. The author makes valuable connections between the interconnected psyche and suggests a specific tool that can help anyone alleviate this everyday nuisance.

Structured Water As The Vibrational Medicine of The Future talks about the molecular form of structures water and why it is vital to all forms of recovery. Learn more about the gift of water and how it can improve your health today.

Dr. Sonnee Weedn is a clinical and forensic psychologist. She provides our readers with the informative piece, Brain Space: A “Balancing” Act for Recovery from Addiction and Co-Occurring Issues. The author introduces us to a cutting edge diagnostic tool called NeuroCodex. The technology is a neuropsychological test that can evaluate over 300 domains of the brain. Read more to find out what this instrument is capable of and how it can be used in planning for one’s treatment.

In the refreshing piece, You Don't Need Prince Charming, Sherry Gaba challenges the conception that we are biologically and culturally hardwired to find a marital partner. The author asks the difficult questions about relationships, takes a look at when marriage may not be the best option, and challenges the reader to think about what really makes us happy.

Dr. Steven Brodsky discusses how socially phobic young adults can be treated in Back to School for Socially Phobic Extroverts: The Valedictorian No One Saw Alone. The author covers common warning signs, how this may be affecting the young individual, and what treatments really work.

Enjoy this edition! Look at our event calendar to meet us live! Submit your article today, review our contributor guidelines and contact CreativeEditor@recoveryview.com.

Remember you are safe, worthy, free and deserving of all your greatness!


Josie Herndon

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