Letter from the Editors

It’s hard to believe that another year has come and nearly gone. The twinkling lights are strung up, festive music provides the soundtrack to our everyday errands and our holiday shopping, and many of us are beginning to wind down to create time for relaxation and celebration with those closest to us. It’s natural to become reflective as a year comes to a close; we are remembering the many new friends we’ve made, the new towns we visited in our many trips for events that gave us new and valuable tools to take with us into the New Year. Our hearts are full and grateful – mostly for all of you who comprise our RecoveryView family. And so we present our final gift of 2013 (and first gift of 2014) – our December/January issue. May it bless you, teach you, and help you remember how blessed we all are.

Dr. Tian Dayton has always been happy to share her wealth of experience and knowledge with us, and we are all the richer for it. This month, she explores the impact of positive thinking and affirmations in recovery as well as managing everyday life – and even includes the science to back it up.

We are always thrilled when Herb Kaighan contributes to an issue – his words always bring wisdom and encouragement. This time is no different. He reminds us that forgiveness is a process, not an event, and shows us how we can move beyond hurt to be truly free and at peace.

Dr. Sage de Beixedon Breslin knows firsthand how stressful the holidays can be (she is the mother to four children), and she has also discovered the keys to going through the holiday season sane, sober, and full of true holiday spirit.

Food. It’s the currency of the holidays. It’s also the source of pain for the millions who suffer from eating disorders. One little-known eating disorder, Night-Eating Disorder, is consuming more people than we realize. Dr. Kristina Diener explains what it is, how to identify it, and how to treat it.

It wouldn’t be the holidays if some of us weren’t more than a little anxious about family get-togethers. More so when addiction is present. But Jo Ann Fletcher, MFTi, believes there can be a gift hidden in the midst of chaos when you know where to find it, shining hope and encouragement.

Practically every holiday song we hear admonishes us to be happy. Larry Smith knows this is easier for some than others and delves into what true happiness is and where it lies – and how you, too, can find it.

Sheri Laine, LAC, is an expert at healthy living, so when she sent us a Holiday Gift List of how to maintain optimum health – physical, mental, and emotional – we paid attention. With her guidance, you are bound to feel merry, light, and bright too.

When holiday traditions make us cringe rather than smile, we know it’s time to make some changes. Lee McCormick knows a thing or two about overcoming negative patterns and choosing health, joy, and harmony thanks to his personal journey through addiction into the light. Fortunately, he’s happy to share what he’s learned with us.

We know that surviving emotional and mental illness well is largely a result of the mindset we choose and the resources we seek out to assist us on our path. Bill Remak has learned to apply these same principles to physical illness with amazing results. He shows us how to overcome your illness with grace and strength.

Dr. Tian Dayton, along with being our most prolific RecoveryView contributor, is also a prolific author, having published more than 15 books. Her most recent offering is One Step in Front of the Other, a year’s worth of affirmations for recovery – or just navigating life’s tough issues … a godsend for the holidays!

The subject of Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.) has been covered ad nauseum, but our December book selection has a completely new take on it. Author Justine Ruotolo shares why A.D.D. might just be to thank for most of what we enjoy from Hollywood – our favorite television shows and movies. Our interest is piqued.

We celebrate the work of Arlene Rosen and her honor of being named the recipient of the 2013 Marty Mann Founders Award by the National Council of Alcohol and Drug Dependence (NCADD). Read about this remarkable woman’s life and tireless efforts to bring healing to those suffering from addiction, and their families.

The first of our Featured Members this month is MedPro Billing, a business dedicated to addictions professionals and organizations. Through its decades of experience, MedPro has led the way in teaching mental health practitioners to run successful businesses.

Next is Larry Smith of Get Real Recovery, an IOP in San Juan Capistrano, Calif. His personal experience as a commercial airline pilot who succumbed to addiction – and his climb back out and up into sobriety and freedom – taught him a few things about treatment. Mostly that it could be better, more finely tuned to its clients and their long-term success in recovery. Learn more about how this shaped the center he now runs.

We are happy to say farewell to 2013 with all of these amazing authors and leaders in the addiction field by our side, and look forward to what 2014 holds for all of us. Wishing you joy, love, and prosperity this Holy month of global holidays, and into the New Year!

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