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Love is all around. So says the now-classic holiday movie Love Actually. It can be hard to decipher at times, but it really is there. Just look closely. You’ll see it in the mother who gently takes hold of her daughter’s hand to cross the street, and the look of absolute devotion and trust her child gives her. You’ll see it in the scores of passionate people who devote their time, energy, and resources to saving our planet and each other through various charities and causes. You’ll see it when someone decides to go to yoga class rather than the local bar and in so doing turns love inward, an act of compassion to self. We choose to see love all around whenever we can. To do so lifts our spirits, gives us hope and purpose for the future, and allows us to better serve each other. Where will you find love today?

Affirmations are nothing new to Dr. Tian Dayton – she’s published numerous books on the topic. And most people know they’re supposed to be good … but aren’t really sure why. Fortunately, Dayton has all the answers. Good ones, too. More and more researchers have gotten on the affirmation bandwagon and discovered myriad practical and spiritual benefits. You’ll want to take notes.

We’re pleased to welcome Dr. A. Mohammad as a first-time RecoveryView.com author. He brings with him a wealth of experience and knowledge of all things mental health and addictions. It is this unique understanding that makes his article about the newly revised DSM-5 so incredibly valuable. He shares a few of the pertinent updates to addictions and his take on what this means for the recovery community at large. (You can hear even more from him in our Featured Members Section as he discusses his treatment center, Malibu Horizon.)

Dr. Allen Berger is no stranger to our pages and we are always happy to welcome contributions from this seasoned treatment professional. In his years treating those with addictions, he discovered many things that work and more than a few that do not. “Where we focus is where our energy goes”…and so begins this month’s article on process-focused counseling – a must-read for anyone who works in the addictions field.

Gratitude is becoming quite a celebrity in mental health, spirituality, and Oprah’s circles. This age-old attitude has gained renewed notoriety as researchers have plugged it into the equation for examining all sorts of human conditions, not the least of which is addictions. Marcia Ullett, MFT, CPC, shows us why a little gratitude can go a long way in improving mood, mental clarity and outlook, and physical health. Thank goodness for that.

Robert Hammond, MFA, rediscovers the heart by leading us to the source of love and life. He asks us genuine stumpers like What is the heart (as in, I love you with all my heart)? and Remember when you were just a gleam in your father’s eye? He nudges us toward the idea of a much bigger understand of the heart – of our connection to all of life through it. And how this understand can literally transform your relationship with yourself and alter every choice you make.

Vulnerability has long been seen as a dirty word. Equated with weakness, it’s not been topping any desirability charts. But all that’s about to change. Larry Smith, CAS II makes a compelling argument for why vulnerability lies at the very root of personal empowerment, breaking apart shame and isolation and creating genuine connection.

The Joseph L. Galletta “Spirit of Recovery” Award goes every year to a person who exemplifies dedication and passion in the field of addictions treatment. In 2013, Dr. Ed Storti received this honor in recognition of his tireless commitment as an author, lecturer, and interventionist. We are thrilled to congratulate him for this well-deserved honor.

New drugs emerge constantly, to the degree that it’s hard to stay on top of the latest trends on the street. But lately there is one causing great reason for concern; Dr. Karen Khaleghi explores the lure and danger of “Molly”.

We love to share our author’s new books when they come out, so we were happy that Dr. Allen Berger’s new publication Spiritual Concepts: 12 Hidden Rewards of Making Amends coincided with this issue. His titles always shed a distinct light on the recovery process, making it understandable and relatable to everyone. Go to our BookStore to read more and pick up a copy for yourself and a loved one.

As we mentioned earlier, we had the privilege of talking with Dr. A. Mohammad about his treatment center, Malibu Horizon in Malibu, California. His passion and dedication nearly leapt through the phone at us so we decided to open the door to our conversation right here in our Featured Members Articles.

There was no shortage of passion and energy in our Featured Members this month, which continued with Dr. Joe Terhaar of the Voice America radio show, Overcoming Addictions. Another long-time addictions treatment advocate and provider, Dr. Terhaar now uses his voice to open conversations around all things recovery-related – and even challenge the status quo when it just isn’t working. Not only can you read the whole story in our Featured Members Articles department, but you can listen to his show anytime on our Archives page.

Cynthia Peterson’s Sobriety Navigator was born out of a lifelong labor of love. A child raised in a family riddled with addictions, she says she began her research on the topic at age two. Through a series of personal and family experiences, she decided there needed to be an open and safe forum in which no topic was off-limits and real support, information, and resources could be found. Read her story in our Featured Members Article department.

We give our February issue to you as our personal Valentine and hope you’ll feel free to pass it on to those you love too.


Jim & Josie Herndon

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