Letter from the Editors

This has been one long and busy winter. Can you believe it is already Spring 2014? We are so grateful to be healthy and moving forward with our IOP in Palm Springs, Addiction Therapeutic Services. Here in Southern California is had been our driest winter in a while, but we know the majority of our friends and colleagues throughout the country are still in the throes of flurries and frozen weather.


And yet. Spring is so close you can smell it. Whether or not cherry blossoms have sprouted their lovely pink bonnets in your town, you know they’re coming. You believe Spring is on its way. Faith and hope – what we would do without them? Being in the business of new beginnings, we really feel our spirits renewed during this time. And our hearts are especially full during this season in which we have welcomed our first grandson, Rory Gabriel! New babies, blossoming flowers and warm breezes – our cups runneth over.


Dr. Tian Dayton’s passion lies in exploring all things related to adult children of alcoholics (ACoAs). This month, she delves even deeper into the making of an ACoA, unearthing common themes around parental behavior and interaction with the child and piecing apart its influence on that child as he or she becomes an adult, including basic power imbalances and lack of outside support. This is incredibly valuable information for anyone who grew up in a family where alcoholism reigned or who just knows someone who did (in other words, just about everyone).


Robert Hammond has taught us much through his insightful and useful articles about the ability of the written word to heal deep wounds. In this issue he pulls back the curtain to show us how he learned that lesson for himself in a deeply meaningful and life-changing way. Sharing experience, strength and hope never ceases to inspire and encourage others – we are so glad he chose to share his story with us.


Denial, as they say, isn’t just a river in Egypt. And those in recovery tend to be much more intimately familiar with the experience of refusing to accept the truth in front of them. Larry Smith knows this all too well and is all too happy to share with us what he has come to learn about denial in its many forms, dispelling myths that surround it and shining light on how addictions professionals (and family and friends) can more effectively and compassionately address it.


For anyone who has worked in inpatient or residential treatment (or has been themselves), you know the first few weeks are really just about survival: ridding the body of drugs and alcohol and slowly letting the fog lift around impaired thinking and feeling. Dr. Hyla Cass has worked with people in addictions for years and is thrilled about the revolutionary new protocol she employs with her patients. Within days her patients actually feel good and think clearly and can engage in treatment in a meaningful way – days, not weeks or months. Don’t miss her fascinating article.


Dr. Stephen Sideroff explores the neuropsychology of self-regulation and resilience and parses out new insights to apply them into a successful recovery protocol. His research continues to provide cutting-edge approaches to lasting sobriety, and we are so grateful he continues to share his findings here.


New RecoveryView.com author, Dr. Nicole Kosanke wrote a thoughtful and beautiful perspective about the hope that exists in addiction. This concept is foreign to many, but she makes a compelling case for why she has real, founded hope every day and thinks the future is bright for the field of substance abuse treatment.


Our featured member this month is Malibu Beach Recovery Center, an innovative treatment center under the direction of CEO Joan Borsten. She tells us about the center’s unique approach and why their clients simply thrive physically, emotionally and mentally while in their care.


Borsten also co-wrote Dopamine for Dinner, a new cookbook based on Malibu Beach Recovery’s inventive philosophy around eating for optimal recovery based on a low-glycemic diet. Find it in our Book Store now.


Our dear friend Dr. Harry Haroutunian wrote a wonderful book entitled Being Sober: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting To, Getting Through, and Living in Recovery. In it, he shares his vast personal and professional experience and provides an easy-to-understand and –use manual for embracing the sober life and flourishing there.


Wherever you live, we hope you can find a fresh green shoot or determined flower poking its head through the earth to remind you there is new life everywhere ready to be lived. We can’t wait to get out there!




Jim & Josie

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