Letter from the Editors

“Summer afternoon, summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.” ~Henry James

This is a sentiment to which we can completely relate. We have big plans for our weekend afternoons this summer, doing a lot of resting and soaking in the warmth and extended hours of sunshine – we hope you’ll find your summer respite too, whether on a destination getaway or a stay-cation (like we’re planning) ... coupled with great summer reads, naturally.

You’ll definitely want to add our summer issue to your reading list, too. Packed full of important information and fascinating insights, our authors have presented you with a smorgasbord of wonderful content. And now you’ll get to enjoy it on our completely redesigned and updated website.

Of course, we are the same RecoveryView we’ve been for six years – just with a bit of a facelift. You’ll still find you can get completely free subscriptions, ensuring you’ll never miss an issue since it’s delivered straight to your inbox. If you’re a private practitioner or company, it’s easier than ever to sign up for a Membership, which opens the door to all kinds of perks and benefits, including enhanced social media networking and blogging opportunities.

Search our Directory for wonderful treatment providers; search newly posted jobs on our Job Board; and find an event near you to connect with others on our Event Calendar. You can also stock up on your summer reading material in our Book Store, where you can click to buy right from our site. Catch up on back issues in our Archives, and remember that all content is always free to anyone. And with that, we present our June/July issue.

Naya Arbiter has been a pioneer in many aspects of the recovery world, and she isn’t slowing down one bit. She shares with us her latest endeavor – bringing clean and genuinely healthy eating and physical environments into Amity treatment centers … on the cutting edge, as usual.

Compassion is a hot topic at the moment and Dr. Richard Fields explores it for us this month. With varying opinions about what it is and how best to employ it within the field of recovery, Dr. Fields looks more closely at what it really is, why it can be so hard to develop, and how it can best be used for long-lasting recovery and for more sensitively working with clients.

Andrew Kessler’s View from the Hill is always up-to-the-minute and interesting in its insights. This month is no different as he explores emerging legislation for the scourge that prescription drug addiction has become. He challenges and pushes the idea of what needs to be done for actual and effective change in our country – this is definitely an important article to read.

“Why trauma isn’t the problem” – Dr. Jamie Marich is a trauma specialist, and she is setting out to change the way we all see trauma, particularly how it relates to treating addictions. Truly a must-read.

Drs. Sonnee Weedn and James Gagne teamed up to write this article to elucidate the most- and least-effective treatment approaches to chronic pain and the addictions that frequently stem from it. From two experts in the field, this article is packed with valuable information for us all.

A long-time therapist, Thomas Peltz has encountered all kinds of challenges and resistance from his clients. He has also discovered the most common forms of counter-transference that therapists encounter in response to these challenges. He breaks down each one here and shares how he has learned to deal with them.

Dr. Jamie Marich’s new book, Trauma Made Simple, is now available for purchase in our book store. In it, she shares her vast experience applying biopsychosocial approaches to treating trauma sensitively and effectively.

Featured member Solutions Treatment Centers, founded and run by Amy Lashway, is changing the landscape of intensive outpatient aftercare treatment in Santa Fe, New Mexico by treating not only those with substance abuse issues, but also people with emotional and mental health issues. Make sure you find out all about this groundbreaking program.

Our other featured member, Journey Malibu, offers residential substance abuse treatment in a lovely and intimate environment in Malibu, California. Treatment options take full advantage of the unique surroundings that comprise Malibu and include many adventure sports and other outdoor activities, all supervised by highly qualified and specialized clinicians.

We are dedicated as ever to our readers and professionals in the recovery industry, so we hope you truly enjoy our updated website. And now that you are stocked up on your summer reading, find a quiet spot on the beach, in your yard, on your porch, or lakeside, settle in with some cold lemonade, and enjoy!


Jim & Josie


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