Letter from the Editors

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

The holiday season is coming upon us with great blessings in tow. As the weather cools, we are surrounded by the warmth of our beautiful family and friends. And, we are truly grateful to all within the RecoveryView.com community who have enriched our lives with the gifts of education and unique perspectives. 

Among the wonderful educational resources you will find within this edition are two new books: Dr. Patricia OGormans The Girly Thoughts 10-Day Detox Plan as well as the collaborative work entitled Hijacking the Brain by Dr. Louis Teresi and Dr. Harry Haroutunian.   Girly Thoughts challenges women to consider how much of their inner trash talk is media-driven and family-reinforced versus the product of their authentic voice. Hijacking the Brain offers the science behind drug and alcohol addiction and twelve-step recovery.

This edition features an article and an informative video entitled, “Why Your Girly Thoughts Are Harmful To You,” by Dr. Patricia O’Gorman. These pieces illuminate the real sources of inner dialogue for women and girls.   Dr. O’Gorman also provides easy to follow first steps for keeping your Girly Thoughts in check while navigating real-world, media-rich environments.

New RecoveryView.com Author, Greg Liotta, explores racial diversity within the recovery community in his article “Where are all the black people?” and through his beautiful artwork. Liotta looks to his professional experience as a counselor as well as his personal experience in recovery when asking whether the current 12-step paradigm is broad enough to serve a diverse population.

Dr. Tian Dayton enlightens us on a psycho-educational model in her article “Relational Trama Repair (RTR): An experiential model for the treatment of PTSD.”  This new model offers clients experiential options and allows them to explore methods of communication that involve feeling and movement.

Dan Brown exposes the problem of “Prescription drug use among medical professionals” in the United States.  He provides some great information on what leads this particular professional group into drug addiction. Thankfully, he also offers some useful solutions!

A special treat for our readers this edition is the return of Connie Miller.  This holiday season, Miller has contributed an article called “Souldrama: A Spiritual Awakening Within a Group.”  Miller enlightens us on how Souldrama can help addicts and discusses what it means to develop Spiritual Intelligence (SQ).  The corresponding video shows a Souldrama group literally being “called” to spiritual attention!

Maria Gray’s article “Meditation: It’s not what you think it is” debunks some widespread myths.  Gray reflects on her personal experiences to explain how many of widely accepted rules of meditation might be hindering you from really gaining the benefits of this ancient but relevant practice.

Samira R. Noorali’s article “Movement against a dangerous policy requires Impact Statement from victims,” features an interview with Joan Borsten of Malibu Beach Recovery.  If you have been impacted by a health insurance policy that allows direct payouts to addicts or those who are mentally ill, be sure to read this article and send an Impact Statement to the email provided. 

Featured member, Hearthstone House, addresses wide variety of needs for their clients while providing a family-like atmosphere in their structured living facility.  In this edition, Founder DeWayne Patterson explains to RecoveryView.com how offering substance abuse education, life skills coaching, and educational workshops support recovery in a big way.

While this is a lovely season to reminisce about the strides the recovery community has made, it is also a wonderful time to look ahead. We would like to share with you some of the fantastic events that we are planning for 2015!

RecoveryView.com is proud to co-host the first ever Admissions & Marketing Symposium East Coast at Delray Beach alongside Hired Power.  The two-day event will be held on February 25-26, 2015.   For all of you on West Coast… don’t you worry! We’re hosting our third annual Admissions & Marketing Symposium West Coast on September 2-3, 2014. Attend one or both if you like! 

With the year slowly coming to a close, we would like to express a heartfelt thanks to our authors, members and the sponsor of the current edition, Addiction Therapeutic Services.

We wish you all a happy holiday season with your family, friends, and those in whom you seek comfort and joy.  

In Love and Light,

Josie and Jim Herndon

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