Letter from the Editors

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Happy New Year to you and your families! This year is off to a great start for us, and we can’t wait to see how it unfolds.  With many brand new authors on board at RecoveryView.com, it is going to be a year filled with new research, new views and new approaches to Recovery. 

Among the wonderful educational materials you will find within this edition are two books: Dr. Andrew Susskind’s From Now On: Seven Keys to Purposeful Recovery, as well as Dr. Stephen Sideroff’s The Path: Mastering the Nine Pillars of Resilience and Success.   In From Now On, Susskind draws upon personal and professional experience to outline the steps for building a new future with vision and purpose. The Path offers a clear and simple methodology for dealing with day-to-day, moment-to-moment stressors and performing optimally in your daily life.

We also have some fantastic articles on unexpected topics this edition!

Dr. Mark Herdman, in his creative article “SuperBowl 2014,” shows us what people can do to make SuperBowl 2015 a much better experience using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. 

Author Saleem Noorali, LCSW, applies his expertise in marriage counseling to show us how two people can become Soul Mates. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, his article “Becoming Soul Mates and the Impact of Addiction” will give you some wonderful mystical and clinical insight on what it means to have a happy and close relationship.

Brand new author, Julie Simon, MFT, gives us new insight on “Overeating Recovery: Helping Clients with Emotional Overeating Challenges.”  She asks readers some tough questions that will get you thinking about your relationship with food and your body. She also offers some great solutions for you if you’re finding that your relationship is lacking.

Author Greg Liotta, MSW, climbs out of any and all recovery boxes in order to explore how recovery and racial healing might go hand-in-hand.  His article “Does Race Matter in the Rooms? Transforming Tradition to Advance Racial Healing in Recovery” digs deep into his personal experiences as he presents a case for how personal and social recovery can and perhaps should happen at the very same time.

Dr. Maggie Phillips’s  article “Healing trauma, pain and addiction: How to Resolve A Triple Threat to Health and Well-Being” delves deep into the science behind this triple threat!  She also gives us a helpful illustration, by laying out one of her own case studies.

Our Creative Editor, Samira R. Noorali’s, J.D., article “Poetry in Recovery: A New Dimension,” demonstrates the power of the arts in recovery.   With an interesting mix of a personal and academic viewpoint, you’re sure to think about poetry reading and writing in a whole new light.

This edition, Spiritual Counselor, Michele Garcia, gives us a “A look at Happy Sobriety.”  With fun and happiness radiating from this article, you’re sure to walk away reflecting the Michele’s deeply joyful feelings!

Returning author, Carol Teitelbaum, MFT, tells us how important it is to speak up about sexual abuse in her article “Living in the Shadow.” She focuses on why men struggle with speaking up, and how they tend to approach trauma in addiction recovery. Carol also provides inspiring stories of men who have come out of the shadows that inhibited them from speaking out for years!

Another new RecoveryView.com author, Sheri Laine, L.Ac., shares with us the how  “Taking time to enjoy life” can actually improve our health and overall feeling of balance.  She provides easy-to-follow advice on how we can use meditation to tune into the happy and fun moments of our lives.

We’ve just started a new column called Business View, which is being authored by Dr. Tom Buckles! His New Year edition article “What Marketing Is And Is Not” may cause you to take a step back and re-evaluate whether your business marketing strategy is really a true “marketing” strategy at all. 

Featured member, Dr. Stephen Sideroff, has been very busy writing his new book and advancing the Mind, Body Room, a turn key program that uses biofeedback.  This new program could change the face of substance abuse recovery in both residential and outpatient programs. Read the feature article to find out more about Dr. Sideroff’s background, multiple areas of expertise, and innovative projects.

Featured member, Dr. Harry Haroutunian, is very excited about his new private physician consultation service called Addiction Medical Recovery Services.  His many years of experience working with people who struggle with conventional care have inspired this new practice.  Read all about it in this edition!

RecoveryView.com has a busy year ahead and we are excited to co-host the First Annual Admissions & Marketing Symposium East Coast at Delray Beach with Hired Power on February 25-26, 2015.   Many other events are coming up, so stay updated by regularly checking the RecoveryView.com calendar.

It’s still a bit chilly out, but the year carries with it the warm promise of happiness and wholeness for many in recovery.  Before we get back to work, we want to thank our authors, members and the sponsor of the current edition, His House.  YOU keep this journal alive and thriving!

We hope and pray that 2015 is a healthy, beautiful and prosperous year for all of our contributors and readers!

In Love and Light,

Josie and Jim Herndon

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