Letter From the Editors

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Beautiful Palm Springs, California is blooming with fresh desert flowers and lovely desert breezes this spring. As for all of our East Coast readers and members: we are sending warmth and love in your direction as spring blossoms in your lovely region and brings with it renewed hope.

As we take in all the fresh beauty of the season, we want to extend our thanks to RecoveryView.com readers and members for their continued participation in our educational endeavors. 

Among the resources you will find within this edition are two new books: Jason Carney’s Starve the Vulture and Sheri Laine’s Living the Enerqi Connection.   Starve the Vulture is an intense and poetic memoir which takes the reader from the throes of violence and addiction to recovery. Living the Enerqi Connection offers new terminology, such as “EnerQi,” and explains how everyone has the ability to channel the vital energy that flows through their body.

This edition features Suzanne Jesse’s, MFT, article and video, “Escape Anxiety.”  Jesse tells us in no unclear terms that creating healthy habits and using healing methods that we collectively put into the “alternative medicine” category cannot be ignored.   Jesse also suggests that we learn to balance pharmacological and holistic treatments in order to gain the most out of what is available.

Darryl Inaba, PharmD, CATC-V, CADC III, focuses in on Opiates in “The Use and Misuse of Opiates in Pain Management.”  Inaba covers the science down to the cellular level and provides practical information to clinicians dealing with those struggling with this exceptionally dangerous addiction.  

Returning RecoveryView.com Author, Kristina Deiner, PsyD, explores the definition of “Addiction” and offers a new understanding in her article “Redefining Addictions.” Deiner presents a challenge to the notion of “once an addict always and addict” and also challenges readers to become more aware of their thoughts and behaviors.

Saleem Noorali, LCSW, addresses the problem of relapse in his article Relapse Prevention: Finding Engagement, Involvement and Purpose through Compassion Attentiveness

suggesting that treatment programs often lack a truly complete exit strategy.  Noorali suggests that treatment programs must encourage self-discovery and purpose-finding as an active part of their treatment and exit plans.

Do you have a treatment facility? In “Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facilities Face Unique Challenges in 2015,” Attorney Jeff Cohen, P.A. points out many regulatory potholes for those providers who are offering both psychotherapeutic and medical services to their patients.  Very helpful information!

A great article for those looking for web presence ideas is a piece from new author Ron Prosky, called “Effective Web Exposure Within the Recovery Industry.”  From Insurance to Testimonials, Prosky provides varied angles on the importance of web presence and its elements.

In “A Guide to Effectively Bringing Mindfulness into Your 12 Step Based Treatment Facility” Scott Kiloby teaches us how to select the right mindfulness teacher for our programs. Kiloby also explains how mindfulness can be a great fit with 12-step-based treatment programs. 

Joan Borsten’s “Has Aetna Declared War on Out-of-Network Substance Abuse Providers?” brings to light a dangerous insurance policy that allows direct payouts to addicts.  Be sure to read this article and inquire about Impact Statement with Borsten if you would like to help make a positive change.

Sheri Laine invites us to make small changes at a time in order to reach our EnerQi potential in her article “Tapping into your EnerQi.” Laine explains the concept of EnerQi and also provides some useful tips on how to start our own personal EnerQi programs today!

Featured member, Jason Carney, tells RecoveryView.com how poetry and the process of “redefining self” changed his life of violence and addiction.  He delves into his current projects and shows how young poets can change lives through civic engagement and build a better life for themselves and the people around them.

His House/New Creations, our other featured member, just celebrated their 20 year anniversary in September of 2014! The treatment program has experienced tremendous growth (from 12 beds to 110 in Southern California!) and has made a unique commitment to gender specific treatment.  Their focus on 12 step philosophy, Christian track and family programs also set them apart. With their focus on spiritual growth, His House/New Creations works with their clients to make changes from the inside out!

RecoveryView.com just hosted the first ever Admissions & Marketing Symposium East Coast at Delray Beach alongside Hired Power.  We’re proud to report that it was tremendously successful! Now, we are looking forward to the next Admissions & Marketing event on the West Coast which will be held on September 2-3, 2015 in Los Angeles. 

With Spring in full bloom here in Palm Springs, we would like to express a heartfelt thanks to our authors, members and the sponsor of the current edition, His House/New Creations.

We hope that all of you are taking the time this spring to enjoy the lovely outdoors and to rejuvenate your minds, bodies and spirits. 

In Love and Light,

Josie and Jim Herndon


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