Letter From the Editors – Fifth Edition

“…, all theory is gray, and green, the golden tree of life.” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Faust, Part I

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Visitors, and Members:

Summer is in full bloom here in Southern California. How lush is the dense green of our mulberry tree! We’re pleased to present you with the 4th edition of RecoveryView.com: our “green” issue. As children, we associated the color green with money, or “greenbacks”; with a favorite TV character, Kermit, the frog, whose travails stemmed from the color of his skin; and with unpleasant emotions, like envy and jealousy. We also linked the color green with planting and growing, as in someone with a “green thumb”. In recent decades, however, the color green has taken on a different context—such as global conservation, or “eco-consciousness”. Dutifully, we reduce, reuse, recycle! Did you know that green is also the color of the Heart Chakra, bridging the physical and spiritual worlds of life? In short, “green” has become a buzzword for mindful living—conservation, preservation, holistic health—and RECOVERY!

In this issue, we’re kicking off a new column: Eco-Mindful Living, featuring Randy Ragan’s article, “Eco-Consciousness in Recovery”. Ms. Ragan presents a prescription of green solutions for the recovering soul. Formerly a yoga teacher, Randy is the owner of GreenBliss EcoSpa in Los Angeles.

Member Alert: Also new in this issue, is our Photo Gallery feature, which allows members to upload multiple images into their directory listing which visitors can view as a slideshow or gallery.  We encourage members to use this new feature to share the many unique aspects of their programs and practices.  In addition, we’re pleased to offer our members an opportunity to write your own recovery story. Take a look at our Recovery Stories section of our e-journal. We welcome your feedback.

Visitors and New Readers: we encourage you to take a good look at us and consider membership with its many benefits. RecoveryView.com’s mission is to serve the Addiction Medicine professional community through education and networking in order to better the lives of those we touch. We are a cutting edge journal, continuously updating RecoveryView.com with fresh ideas and new perspective from clinicians in the field.

A final word to our contributors and readership.  We honor you and appreciate you.  Do relax as you recover, and take time to enjoy one of life’s great comforts—those lazy days of summer!

Peace and blessings,

Josie and Jim Herndon

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