Power of Joy and Playfulness

Playfulness in everyday life is the best way to live. When you are in joy and utter fun, you release all resistance and allowance will subside. You cannot be in joy and resistance at the same time. It is very important to arrange your home in a comfortable fashion to your style. When you arrange your home to please others, even your mate, you take the joy out of your most important environment. If you do not live alone as most humans don’t, agree to allow each other sections of the house that is their own.  You might ask, Gabriel why is this so important? We say, as you grow older in this life you tend to lose yourself and the pure joy and essence of who you are. We encourage you to think about what it is that you have lost and/or put aside from your happier days. Remember if you can, the fun moments of your life. Write down the timeline of only happy and joyful memories. Delete from this exercise the memories that do not serve you or bring you joy. Review the list and take from it things that you can bring to your life today from the good memories of yesterday and/or yesteryear. We always encourage you to live in the right now. Looking back often will bring memories of regret and despair, however it is almost impossible not to look back. That being said, we would like you to look back from a different lens. Look from the lens of appreciation and remembering the joy life as brought you, be it little or a lot. Every life has contrast to bring clarity and every life has joy to confirm the clarity. You need not remember the contrast to remember the joy. Of course, you then say what about my trauma therapy work?  We say to leave it at your therapist office for the next appointment. Somehow bring yourself to the now and the joy of this moment. Looking at the future can bring forth anxiety and worry. We say to live as much in the now as possible.

Again, as a human you want to set goals and map out the future. We understand so we say to pre-pave the future with joyful and abundant calendar items. Fill your calendar with appointments that are fun and prosperous. Review your upcoming calendar and if it not filled with fun and prosperous appointments, then rearrange it! Cancel any appointment that for whatever reason brings you anxiety. It could be the time crunch or the worry of a gathering when timing is not good for such gatherings. Whatever it is, change it to an effortless appointment or no appointment at all. Time alone is more valuable than time wasted. The time you have here on earth as a human should be looked at as golden. Every moment you have is an opportunity to expand the world and the universe in turn. We want this book and our words to bring you relief from the thoughts of bondage and old beliefs. This time of technology has changed your world. The same rules of time do not apply. Time is ever so fast and fluid. The young generation already know this, they are off and running. We hope the youth will read these words and use the information as confirmation of everything they already know. They know they are perfect and that everything is going exactly as it should. They truly know this. If you are from an older generation, we encourage you to learn from the youth.

You say those young people only want to have fun and be less responsible. We say yes, they do and watch how much more they get accomplished in one day of free flowing then you get accomplished in one day of worry and responsibility. Josie is having kittens as we’re writing this.

Love and Light is the universal language, share the divinity, bliss or joy and playfulness. 2021 will bring what you are giving to the universe. We encourage you to consider our message and play more, laugh more and love more!

Josie Herndon inspired by the angelic realm of Gabriel.


 Josie Ramirez-Herndon

 Villareal Associates /
 Advanced Therapeutic Services / Recoveryview
 Rancho Mirage, CA 92270
 o: (760)-322-1777
 e: info@recoveryview.com


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