Letter from the Editor July 2020

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

In the spirit of Celebrating Summer, RecoveryView is excited to announce our special 51st Edition and LIVE Show!  

We are excited to bring you this special summer edition with new articles as we continue helping our community in recovery. We will explore all that comes with the benefits of warmer weather during this next phase, including spending time with our families, getting back to work, and improving our mental attitude, as we try to return to some semblance of the “new” normal.


Our honored Spotlight Authors this month are Terence T. Gorski and Spero Alexio. In his final article, Terence Gorski collaborates with Spero Alexio to describe the dynamics of relapse and explains how relapse prove individuals can use their unique relapse tendencies as a blueprint for recovery. The article provides a stunning metaphor to illustrate the progressive steps that lead someone from stable recovery to an active state of addiction. Special attention is given to the core principle that “relapse is a process, not an event.” Individuals who’ve struggled with relapse shift from a passive “victim” mentality to being a proactive survivor of addiction. They start feeling hopeful and hope can be a powerful factor in recovery.

As you read the articles, our authors are here as a community to support you with any questions. You can reach out if any of the topics resonate with you, and all our authors are accessible via email. 

The RECOVERY VIEW LIVE monthly show, is this Sunday, July 12th, at 7:00pm Pacific time, where I’ll be interviewing a panel of our July guest authors:

  • Spero Alexio, PsyM, CRPS, (Author with Terence T. Gorski), will address “The Dynamics of Relapse: Cunning, Baffling and Predictable”
  • Dr. Stephen Sideroff, Clinical Psychologist & Consultant, UCLA, will discuss “Resilient Recovery: The ability to self-regulate is at the heart of sustainable recovery during Coronavirus crisis”
  • Rick Russell, MFT, CEO of River Stones Residential Treatment Services, will talk about “Reversing the Ratio: A Formula for Teenage Transformation” 
  • Gina Tabrizi, MFT, Founder of Harmony Heals, will discuss her approach to “Therapy, Wellness, and Healing”

July’s Featured Authors also include: Renée M. Popovits, JD, Leslie Gold and Stampp Corbin, MBA.

You can view all the July Authors’ Editorials HERE

We hope you enjoy the editorials and our authors’ perspectives on recovery.

Author Submissions! If you are interested in submitting article(s), please review the contributor guidelines  and email Beverly Zeliger, our Program Editor to be considered for our upcoming editions:  beverly@recoveryview.com

Enjoy this edition!  Check our event calendar to join us live!

Anticipate success with all you do.


Josie Herndon

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